Gods Unchained: Blockchain Esports & Free Cards

Developed with Unity 3D Gods Unchained is a TCG game similar to Hearthstone that aims to be the first e-sports game on the blockchain. 

Gods Unchained Game

Hades The Greek God… Unchained

By the limited information available at the moment, Gods Unchained seems to adopt a free to play model. The trading card game is live on the Ethereum network, and right now, there are some unique cards to collect. Those cards won’t be available for sale in the future, making them unique and attractive to blockchain gamers.

In Gods Unchained, the player will have the chance to win in-game items by taking his deck to battle and win opponents.

Fuel Bros is focusing on making the game e-sports “compatible,” which will hopefully attract a big players base from within and outside the cryptocurrency community.

The blockchain advantages guarantee that you can sell your deck at any time and get your money back and why not take some profits.

How to Play Gods Unchained?

Golden Chimera

Right now, you have two options. You can opt-in for their giveaway in which you have to complete some simple social media tasks like sharing and liking to earn a Golden Schimera, and depend on your interaction. You might receive way more than this.

The other way is to take part in their exclusive deck presale with 380 unique cards only available. You can purchase Rare Card packs starting from only 0.01 eth, which is roughly 5$ at the time of writing this article. Better packs are available, including the top tier of the decks, Shiny Legendary, for 0.87 ETH.

At this point, I would like to state that decks have a 13% discount, which will decrease 1% each day. The starting discount rate was 20% one week ago.

There is always the option to wait for the free-to-play model.

Who is behind Gods Unchained?

Fuel Bros, an Australian company, best known for Etherbots game, is backed from a respected number of Venture companies, including Nirvana Capital and Continue Capital, who also seed the first round of funding, coinbase is among the investors.

In June, Fuel Bros partnered with over one hundred talented people worldwide, including globally recognized artists, developers, mathematicians, and game designers.

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