Gods Unchained Goes Play2Earn With Daily $GODS Rewards

Gods Unchained play & earn

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After a long time, Gods Unchained, the famous play-to-earn trading card game, is set to launch the upcoming Daily Play & Earn feature.

In brief: 

  • From August 31 at 5 pm PDT, players can start earning Fragments daily by playing.
  • Each player can play up to 10 Ranked matches per day.
  • Only wins generate Fragments.
  • Fragments = $GODS.

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play game where players match with opponents of the same rank, so investment is not necessary. The game matches players of the same rank, so you can start for free and advance by winning $GODS tokens and free booster packs to upgrade your deck.


Fragments Explained

Fragments are points a player earns throughout a day and are later used to calculate the portion of the Total Daily $GODS rewards that they can receive. Fragments can be earned by playing 10 Ranked Matches and winning them.

Because only wins generate Fragments, Gods Unchained decided to double the Fragments on the first three wins of the day, making the process of winning more exciting and beneficial.

The number of Fragments a player earns from winning matches depends on various factors:

  • Rank!
  • Wins!
  • Cards Shine Quality!

How do Fragments become $GODS? Gods Unchained uses a specific formula to calculate the daily rewards. The formula is:

  • Your $GODS Reward for Daily Play & Earn = (Your Daily Fragments / Daily Community Fragments) * Total Daily $GODS Rewards

Explanation* The daily Fragments won by you / The total daily Fragments won by the whole community * The total amount of $GODS that can be earned on that specific day.

Parts of this formula constantly change throughout the day (for example, if you play and win more matches, this increases the figures for Your Daily Fragments and Daily Community Fragments).

The estimated rewards are not yet clear until the day is completed, and each day resets at midnight UTC! $GODS rewards will be available to claim directly from the Daily Play & Earn dashboard of the Gods Unchained launcher. 

Please note that the Weekend Ranked rewards will go along with the Daily Play & Earn. $GODS rewards will be removed from Weekend Ranked and change into Pack Rewards. This upcoming Weekend will be the last WR to earn $GODS tokens

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About Gods Unchained

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Gods Unchained is a TCG game with PVP battles similar to some popular TCG games like: Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. Gods Unchained is one of the most popular crypto games, if not the most popular one with thousands of users playing actively!

Gamers experience stunning graphics and well-designed gameplay with PVP battles based on the Ethereum blockchain. While playing, you can earn cards on the blockchain in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These cards are truly owned by players to use them in the game or sell them for a fair profit and thatโ€™s why the Gods Unchained Marketplace was so highly anticipated by the blockchain gaming community.

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