Gravity Partners With The Sandbox To Bring Ragnarok IP To The 3D World

ragnarok sandbox banner Yet another game is coming to The Sandbox as Gravity partners with the metaverse to bring its online MMORPG to Web3.  

Yet another game is coming to The Sandbox as Gravity partners with the metaverse to bring its online MMORPG to Web3.  

Gravity’s partnership with The Sandbox will bring the latest addition, Ragnarok, exciting experiences like adventure and exploration in The Sandbox metaverse. 

Ragnarok was first launched in 2002 by Gravity. It is an MMORPG title where players can go on adventures and explore the game universe. The game has been running for 16 years now – it even brought an animated series called “Ragnarok the Animation!”

Running for 16 years, they’ve built an immersive universe of the game, and now, this partnership will bring the realm to the world of NFT and blockchain. 

The Sandbox X Ragnarok

As the Ragnarok IP comes into The Sandbox metaverse, the users will be able to enjoy a complete Ragnarok experience built on a land plot in The Sandbox. As of yet, no information has been shared about the size of the plot. However, we do know that both the companies are looking to put “diverse content” for the players. 

The companies are also asking the audience to expect Ragnarok NFTs in the future. Since Ragnarok has a huge fanbase and The Sandbox is also loved in the world of virtual worlds, this partnership will benefit both these platforms in terms of publicity and public reputation. 

The World of Ragnarok

Influenced by Norse mythology, the adventurous world of Ragnarok features legends from around the world with different origins and their own stories. The game is full of episodic content that highly alters the world of Ragnarok – everyone is curious how much of that content would make it to the virtual world.

The Game Jam

As the game is featured in The Sandbox – apart from the game experience – the team promised that a Ragnarok-themed game jam will take place that’ll let the developers and players create their own games in The Sandbox. All this will be possible thanks to the Game Maker – the players can also compete for exciting prizes. 

If you want to create your own Sandbox games and want to win, get ready to win big, as there are thousands of dollars of tokens worth of prizes. 

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