GRIT – Epic Games’ Latest NFT Game Receives Criticism

Founder's Node Vote to Bring GRIT to The Gala Games Ecosystem

GRIT, an NFT game set in the Wild West Battle Royale format, has received backlash and criticism from the community and game reviewers.

The game was announced after Epic Games and Gala Games partnered up in early 2022. According to the team, GRIT is the first-ever NFT Battle Royale title based on rewards and owning assets. 

In the game, the Wild West Royale is a basic battle royale mode where you can play in a squad, duo, or even solo. The game also features player enhancement using a perk system. As the players build card decks, they can upgrade or even sell them as NFTs. 

Why GRIT Is Being Criticized?

Even though GRIT is created by big names (Epic Games and Gala), it is receiving bad reviews. is a prominent game reviewer in the industry – in their review, they called the game “half-baked”. Kotaku, another prominent game reviewer called it “lousy” which is concerning for a game that’s developed by studios that have successfully launched a lot of gaming products. 

Specifically, game reviewers think that there is lots of room for improvement. They think that the game is not up to the standards such as pixelated graphics, an okayish game environment, and less overall earning potential.

Another reason why the game is getting criticized is that the NFTs (that are in the game) are expected to be costly when they come out. The Galaverse marketplace listed a horse NFT as an epic chest drop and it was sold as a valuable item which is concerning for the community. They think if the pre-sale item is so expensive, how costly would an actual NFT be?

Even though GRIT is not receiving promising reviews, the game is still catching attention because of Gala Games and Epic Games. Epic Games has partnered up with Sony – they invested $1 billion meanwhile, the company has also partnered with Lego to build blockchain games. 

Release Date

The game’s release date is not yet confirmed. However, it is currently listed on Galaverse and Steam – it shows “coming soon”.