Gunther’s Rich Dog Collection Adopts Chainlink VRF for Fair NFT Rarity Selection

Gunther's Rich Dog Collection Adopts Chainlink VRF for Fair NFT Rarity Selection

Gunther’s Rich Dog Collection, an esteemed NFT collection, announced its integration with Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Ethereum mainnet. This adoption ensures a transparent, secure, and fair selection process of NFT rarity tiers during minting, promoting a more engaging user experience.

Gunther’s Rich Dog Collection revolves around the exploits of Gunther, the world’s wealthiest dog and the star of the Netflix series “Gunther’s Millions.” Minting an NFT from this collection opens the doors to numerous exciting privileges. These benefits range from access to a private Discord server with cast and crew members to an exclusive Tuscan lunch at Gunther’s villa.

“Gunther’s Rich Dog Collection aims to empower and engage Gunther’s fanbase by enabling them to join Gunther and receive special perks for being a diehard fan. Chainlink VRF is necessary for helping ensure that the NFT launch goes smoothly and that all NFT owners have a fair chance of receiving the best rarity tier,” said Aurelien Leturgie and Emilie Dumay, Executive Producers, Nobo Production.

The Need for Secure Randomness

Certain factors need to be considered when choosing an RNG to ensure fairness in NFT rarity selection. The team behind Gunther’s Rich Dog Collection knew the importance of transparency and security. Traditional RNG solutions, based on blockchain data or off-chain APIs, lack definitive proof of their integrity, making them susceptible to manipulation. Therefore, the team sought an RNG that was both secure and could be independently audited.

Chainlink VRF: The Chosen Solution

Among the many alternatives, Chainlink VRF emerged as the preferred choice. Supported by an established oracle network, Chainlink VRF is underpinned by pioneering academic research. It generates and verifies cryptographic proofs on-chain, proving the integrity of each random number supplied to the smart contracts.

The unique function of Chainlink VRF blends yet-to-be-known block data with the Oracle node’s pre-committed private key. This mixture produces a random number along with cryptographic proof. The smart contract of Gunther’s Rich Dog Collection only accepts the random number if it carries valid cryptographic proof. This approach assures users of the randomness and fairness of the NFT rarity tier assignments.