Hash Rush Public Beta Launches Tomorrow

Hash Rush Public Beta Launches Tomorrow

As the Hash Rush beta keeps getting closer, the craze is overtaking anything that’s coming up in blockchain gaming. This article will tell you what’s coming in the Hash Rush beta.

Since the last time they updated the game, the new beta will bring a list of adjustments and improvements in the world of the Hermeian Galaxy. The updates this time will be prominent and readily noticeable. Also, you’ll notice the updated building abilities and unit icons.

Expansion of the Standard Mode

As much as they’ve updated the visual of the game, the one prominent update is the addition of diverse biomes in the Cryptonian Planetary System. Also, they’ve improved maps as well.

The beta will make sure that you notice the diverse maps and biomes. In the future, they are planning six different planetary biomes. Two of them will be tested out in the upcoming Beta.

These are the two playable for the Beta:

Forest Planet

This planet will be available to play throughout the first playtest. The forest planet will have some playable maps for all the fae biomes. There, you can find three fae maps where you will find highly-specialized materials.

Steppes Planet

This one has a completely new list of different materials along with a different set of three maps. Unfortunately, Titans are prevalent in this area, but you can get the material on the two other maps. That is the Thunderlands Titan map and the Plains Titan map.

Dungeon Mode

Dungeon mode has already been talked about before. This is the brand new second gameplay mode to hit Hash Rush during the Beta. It is mainly focused on face-to-face battles.

How To Participate In The Hash Rush Beta?

Fortunately, the team has designed the Beta in a way that it feels really alive to play the game. It almost feels like you’re playing the real, final version of the game instead of an early beta. Even though you may have already participated in the first playtest, the Beta will still feel like a brand new experience with tons of new elements to be tested.

Access The Beta Now

  1. Create a Vorto account Here.
  2. Complete at least one purchase from the Hash Rush page on Vorto and have access to the Vorto Key. (find your key in the Rewards tab on Hash Rush – Vorto homepage. 
  3. As soon as you have the key, download the game by clicking the Play button on Hash Rush site. The game will start downloading.
  4. Once the zip file is downloaded, unzip the file and find the Hash Rush launcher.
  5. Click the launcher and play the game.

There’s Another Announcement

From September 1st to 15th, you’ll need the Vorto Key to play the game. After September 15, the game will be open for everyone. (even without a key)

Simply follow the method above, download the game, and play it after September 15 without having to own a key.