Hedgie : The Review – A Pet Adventure Crypto Game

Hedgie is a pet adventuring game where you send your Hedgies, your very own cute hedgehog pets, to go on adventures to find Curio or resources to upgrade your Hedgie house! Players will get one free Hedgie upon creating their account but the attributes of the Hedgie will be completely random. Subsequent Hedgies can be purchased for $10USD with free minting and it will cost $10 if you want to mint your free Hedgie as well. Minting a Hedgie will allow being traded or sold on platforms such as opensea.

Without further ado, let’s skip to the Hedgie Review.

Hedgie Gameplay

Players start by sending their Hedgie to one of the four available kingdoms to explore. The shortest journey lasts for 1 hour and the longest lasts for 24hours. Players will not need to do anything while their Hedgie is on a journey except wait for your cute little pet to return with the spoils. Depending on the journey length and attributes of your Hedgie, your Hedgie will return with a certain number of Curio, some resources and even consumables that can be used on any journey. Any idle time your Hedgie is doing will be used to recharge energy to go on journeys.

Resources attained on journeys can be used to build and upgrade furniture at the Hedgie house. Building and upgrading furniture will help your Hedgie to recover more energy during idle time. The basic recovery rate is 5 energy/hour and a Hedgie can have a maximum of 200 energy. An hour’s journey cost 10 energy and a day’s journey cost the whole 200 energy.

Hedgie Tips

Depending on whether you are Curio hunting and resource hunting sending your Hedgie to a certain kingdom will matter. Each Hedgie has its own strong attribute and it is usually pegged to the color of their skin. For example, a blue Hedgie will be strong in the water element, a red one will specialize in the fire element.

If you are purely going for Curio hunting, be sure to send you Hedgie to the kingdom they best thrive in.

  • Water elements thrive in Wetlands
  • Fire elements thrive in Desert
  • Earth elements thrive in Forest
  • Air elements thrive in Mountains

If you are going for resource hunting, these are the resources you can find in each kingdom

  • Water can be found in Wetlands
  • Fire can be found in Desert
  • Wood can be found in Forest
  • Metal can be found in Mountains
  • Earth can be found in all 4 kingdoms

Consumables found on journeys can be sold for Curio or consumed to boost a certain attribute of a Hedgie. If you send a Hedgie for resource hunting, it’s attributes might not be very desirable to gain Curio. You can use consumables to boost the certain attributes based on the kingdom the Hedgie is going to ensure better loots.


Curio is the currency used in the game. Currently, Curio isn’t withdrawable but the next feature they will be releasing will be a POS system where Hedgie-Approved businesses can start accepting Curio as payment. As of now, Hedgie has already partnered with some local business and is looking to expand its partner list. They currently have a weekly challenge where players have to send their Hedgie to come back with the exact amount of Curio as stated in the challenge and the winner of the first challenge had walked away with an additional 100 Curio in his pocket.

Hedgie Review

Hedgie is a very simple game to play and is playable both on desktop and mobile browsers. It isn’t time-consuming as you can just send your Hedgie on their way and carry on with your work or go out and have fun. There isn’t a valuation on the price of Curio yet but it is free to play and Curio is so easily obtained. It is definitely worth playing the game as you can access the game anywhere and it doesn’t require any effort and time at all.
There is a special Hedgie up for grabs by Cult of the Chilli group as well!

Details can be found in their telegram group!

There will be more unique and different Hedgies waiting to find a new owner but developers are currently working on that. Until then, sit back relax and appreciate what your own cute Hedgies are doing for you.

Stay tuned for more crypto games reviews such as the Hedgie Review.


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