How Football Clubs Can Increase Their Revenue With MetaSoccer & Web3

How Soccer Clubs Can Increase Their Revenue With MetaSoccer & Web3

If we look at today’s football, the main source of income for any club is from sponsorships and broadcasting rights but Covid-19 has taught us that football is nothing without fans.

Let us take the English Premier League (EPL) for example to damontrate how much revenue clubs typically make.

Commercial Rights

According to The Athletic, the next three season for the Premier League will bring the most revenue in broadcasting rights. The report stated that international rights will hit more than £5B while the UK alone will hit the £5B mark over the next three years. 

Commercial rights increased from £88M to £430M.  Also, we saw a 16% rise in the total package that was worth £10.5B. 

Match Tickets

To depict how much revenue football clubs generate from match tickets, it’not that much when compared to broadcasting rights and sponsorships. 

Manchester United home stadium Old Trafford has a sitting capacity of 75,643 – the largest in the EPL. If the clubs charges £20 for each ticket, one match will generate a revenue of £1.5m – provided the tickets are sold out. When this revenue is compared to other means of revenue such as sponsorships and broadcast rights, it hold a very little value. 

MetaSoccer – For the Fans by the Fans

MetaSoccer is the first-ever soccer metaverse created by Champion Games. The metaverse aims to bring a brand-new decentralized experience for soccer fans around the world. 

The metaverse is integrated through Web3 and blockchain technology – the players can own football clubs and make a decent income. The players can engage in different activities such as managing the club, buy and train players, own stadiums, rent them, and win leagues or tournamnets – MetaSoccer facilitates you with a full soccer experience. 

With all the features MetaSoccer provides, not only players but the clubs can also parter up with the platform and increase their revenue. 

As of now, MetaSoccer has partnerships with some of the big names in world football. They are: 

  • Emiliano Martinez – Argentina NT Goalkeeper
  • Thomas Partey – Arsenal Midfielder
  • Ronaldinho – Simply, A Legend of the Game!
  • Dani Carvajal – RMA Mid Fielder and 5 Time UCL Winner

These players have made deals with MetaSoccer and now they can be bought and played as NFTs in the game. 

The Clubs as a whole can also partner with MetaSoccer to generate passive (still significant amount) as they sell rights to the game. MetaSoccer is also offering clubs to use its governance token $MSU to buy physical stuff from the clubs. 

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