Huobi Ventures Invest in P2E Game Land of Conquest

Land of Conquest is pleased to announce that the company has received investment from Huobi Ventures. 

Land of Conquest is pleased to announce that the company has received investment from Huobi Ventures

Huobi Ventures is one of the leading Venture Capitals in the blockchain space. Previously, NGC Ventures, PopFun, CCV, Mirana Ventures, New Star Ventures, CryptoPhd, and K300 Venture have invested in Land of Conquest.

The game already has 97000 followers across Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. According to the company, 90% of the coding has been completed thanks to the hardworking development team.

“We are very proud to have Huobi Ventures as the lead investor of Land of Conquest…The Land of Conquest team is strongly focused on providing a fun gaming experience and also pushing forward as quickly as possible to bring highly engaging play-to-earn content to market. “

“This recent investment by Huobi will partly go towards ensuring the successful launch of the game, with a closed beta scheduled to launch in August. We have every expectation that it will be a smash hit!,”

Ray Lee, Land of Conquest co-founder. 

Huobi Ventures is famous for Huobi Global Cryptocurrency Exchange. The exchange ranks among the top ten exchanges in the world. They are well known for investing in blockchain projects they believe in. 

A representative from Huobi Ventures shed some light on the investment and said the following:

“We are impressed to see Land of Conquest attract such wide pre-launch support, and excited to see them grow. They have a solid play-to-earn game premise with proven market potential, and more importantly, all signs point toward this game actually being very fun to play. For these reasons, we believe that Land of Conquest will do very well in the GameFi space”

Land of Conquest

Land of Conquest is an upcoming P2E MMOSLG game that is set to take the GameFi industry to the next level. In the game, hundreds and thousands of players interact with each other in an apocalyptic wasteland. The player can construct their own bases in the wasteland, train heroes, produce valuable goods, and battle the opponents.

Land of Conquest supports digital assets (i.e. NFTs) such as Heroes, Mechs, and Land. If you own a Hero, you can fight other Heroes in a PvP match and win rewards or event NFTs. 

Land is another valuable asset in Land of Conquest. The players buy land to produce valuable resources. 

Land of Conquest also has a free-to-play model where players can hop right in without having to pay any upfront fee. They engage in P2 battles and win their way up.

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