HyperPlay Secures $12M for Global Expansion and Platform Development

HyperPlay Secures M for Global Expansion and Platform Development

HyperPlay, a key player in the Web3 gaming industry, recently secured a $12 million cash injection in a Series A funding round. The funding round was led by Griffin Gaming Partners, BITKRAFT Ventures, and ConsenSys, Metamask’s parent company.

Additionally, Ethereal Ventures, Delphi, Game7, Mirana Ventures, and Monoceros Ventures participated in the series A funding round.

Co-created by Metamask and Web3 gaming DAO, Game7, last November, HyperPlay seeks to create a platform centered around both developers and users. In an innovative twist, the platform abstains from imposing fees on in-game economies, opting to generate revenue from additional features like token swaps and on-ramping. The gaming launcher, which became operational in early access in March, shows promise in its novel approach to game monetization.

Matchless Flexibility and Accessibility

HyperPlay’s unique compatibility with all EVM-compatible chains provides players with the flexibility to import their wallets, tokens, and NFTs into any browser or native game. By incorporating an in-wallet game overlay, HyperPlay eliminates the need for users to exit their games for NFT transactions, a significant boost in user convenience. While the platform currently supports all MetaMask-compatible chains, there have been hints of upcoming features specifically designed for Mantle L2, an Ethereum scaling solution that caters to gamers.

Malte Barth, a BITKRAFT Ventures partner stated: “We are impressed with HyperPlay’s developer-first approach, making them the Web3 game launcher of choice. Giving game developers the freedom to deploy on any chain they choose while allowing players to carry their wallet, NFTs, tokens, and achievements into every game. This sets them apart from others in the space, while the launcher offers unique usability and convenience for users. We can see a world where HyperPlay branches over into mobile platforms and web2 games.”

Building Momentum for Future Plans

This significant financial milestone was announced in anticipation of the 3XP Gaming Expo, organized by Game7 from June 8-9. This event, hosted at the Pasadena Convention Center, assembles top-notch publishers, brands, and thought leaders from both the web2 and web3 gaming sectors.

Investors have expressed enthusiasm for HyperPlay’s developer-friendly approach, acknowledging its potential to extend its reach to mobile platforms and Web2 games while offering unique usability and convenience for its users. With the secured funding, HyperPlay is poised to solidify its standing as a top choice for Web3 game launching.