Infinite Fleet Token Will Run on Bitcoin’s Liquid Network

Infinite Fleet, a space-themed blockchain game released more information recently about the INF Token, a crypto asset used for the in-game economy.

Infinite Fleet is an MMO strategy game where you control a Fleet of spaceships augmented with scores of small AI-controlled fighters. In the game, you can defend the humanity of invading alien threats, customize and upgrade your Fleet, secure territory, and fight alongside your friends to change the universe’s history.

While blockchain technology doesn’t affect the gameplay, Infinite Fleet will use the blockchain-based token (the INF) to handle the game’s economy. INF will work like any other currency in regular games, and no coiners won’t see any difference until they decide to cash out and discover the benefits of blockchain gaming.

The Proof of Participation

Proof of Participation is the game’s version of the proof of work, where players will generate INF Tokens through events based on activity.

It is worth mentioning the game will not sell any tokens, and the only way to obtain them is while playing. Even more, it features a marketplace where players can trade in-game items and resources using the INF Token. 

The INF Token

INF Token exist on a sidechain of the Bitcoin blockchain, the Liquid Network, and has a fixed supply just like Bitcoin. Users can transfer their INF to external wallets and the team plans to list the INF Token to various exchanges.

The Liquid Network

The liquid Network works as a solution for traders and exchanges by enabling fast and secure Bitcoin transactions, additionally, the Liquid Network can handle the issuance of digital assets.

George Tsagkarakis

George Tsagkarakis

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