Inside Beyond The Void The Interview

Beyond the Void interview with camille marketing manager in b2expand
Beyond the Void interview with camille marketing manager in b2expand

Beyond The Void is one of the oldest Blockchain Games, we first played it through steam platform a couple of months ago, and I must say it intrigued us. Now, after playing and researching, we are pleased to present to you an interview with Camille, Marketing Manager in B2Expand, who happily answered all of our questions regarding Beyond The Void, B2Expand, and the future of Blockchain Gaming

You might want to read our review before going through the interview.

Inside Beyond The Void The Interview

Let’s begin with the interview. In Italic are our questions and comments.

  • Beyond The Void seems to be one of the first blockchain games, can you tell us how you came up with the idea of developing a crypto-MOBA game?

Beyond the Void was founded two years ago by two brothers. One has more than 10 Years of Experience in the gaming industry. The other is a new technology enthusiast, especially interested in blockchain technologies. The idea was to create a MOBA game allowing players to truly own their items and the solution came through blockchain technology. Beyond the company completed its ICO in 2016 and funded the project for future development, many skilled people joined the team at a later date.

  • Can you give us a background of B2Expand and the team working on Beyond the Void?

B2Expand was created in 2017 with the vision of empowering blockchain players and developers. The company is currently based in France and counts 18 employees actively working on numerous projects like the Nexarium, a cross-gaming ecosystem that will work seamlessly with Beyond The Void and other future releases from B2Expand in the first place and then also from other game studios and indie developers.

Right now, players can access Nexarium’s Marketplace with numerous items available for the players, which will be available also for other games coming in 2019.

  • What is Beyond the Void? How many players are playing?

Beyond the Void is a Free to play hybrid strategy game in space available for download on Steam. It’s a Moba style with Real-Time Strategy mechanics in battle arenas. You can call it a mix of Starcraft & League of Legends. 

You start with a Spaceship, which is the base of your army, and your goal is to take out the opponent’s planet through upgrades and strategy.

Beyond the Void, scheduled for full release this October 24, due to its playstyle and mechanics mostly relies on player’s skills rather than other games where players gain huge advantages with items to achieve a victory. They were 1600 players during the last months. The team hopes the community will continue to grow now. The game will be officially released. 

Discover more about the game on their website:

Beyond the Void Blockchain Game Artwork
Beyond the Void Blockchain Game Artwork
  • A great blockchain game needs a great economy to support it. Can you share more information about Nexium, the in-game cryptocurrency, and how you manage to make it valuable for the players?

The Nexium was created two years ago through an ICO. What players should know is that Nexium is not only the cryptocurrency of Beyond the Void, but it’s also the currency for the Nexarium ecosystem of cross-compatible games B2Expand is building. Nexium is not mineable through games, but it can be acquired through tournaments on Beyond the Void and cryptocurrency exchanges. The Nexarium Marketplace is fueled by the Nexium token where players can purchase unique items in limited quantity and then resell them to the “Black market” in the price of their choice.

  • For all the Blockchain games, attracting non-crypto currency users seems like a challenge, what are your plans to grow your players base outside cryptocurrency sphere?

This is the main objective since we’ve created Beyond the Void. Our game is designed for traditional players with familiar mechanisms that Moba and RTS games share, available on Steam with millions of potential players. The idea is to create a familiar gaming environment before telling players about blockchain. Once players join the game and then the Nexarium ecosystem, through a series of actions, they are guided in the blockchain-world and offered all the necessary information to use and understand the blockchain economy, including wallet creation, community support and step by step guides.

Camille also stated that the Nexarium wallet would be easier to use (comparing to other ERC-20 wallets), and she gave an example of Myetherwallet private keys. An important issue for players unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. They all have a huge chance to get locked out because once they lose the private key, there is no recovery option.

Let’s accept that it’s difficult to obtain crypto, especially if you are not aware of it, so B2Expand is currently looking for a reliable partner to accept credit card payments, the most widespread payment method in the world.

Excalibur Spaceship in Beyond the Void
Excalibur Spaceship in Beyond the Void
  • Do you have plans to release Beyond the Void in other platforms like Android or console gaming?

Beyond the Void is a hybrid strategy game designed for PC. Like many other MOBA games, it is not available for smartphone or console. However, we have other games coming in the Nexarium ecosystem in 2019. Some will be for mobile phones and console.

  • B2Expand has links with Ubisoft, can you share more information on this for our readers?

In 2017 B2Expand was one of the five Ubisoft’s startup program participants who created a win-win situation providing expertise and expanding the horizons of Beyond the Void through one of the most famous Game studios in the world. 

  • On September 25, the Blockchain Game Summit will take place in Lyon and B2Expand is organizing this unique event, can you share with our readers why they should visit Blockchain Game Summit this year?

B2Expand is organizing the Blockchain Game Summit, a high-level summit where some of the experts of blockchain and gaming will present their games and discuss innovative ideas. Worth to mention that Ubisoft sponsors the blockchain Game Summit. Everyone interested in blockchain gaming should visit the particular summit and benefit through a series of workshops and speeches from the most popular blockchain games up to date. 

If you miss your chance to be in the Blockchain Game Summit, there will be a recording for later view.

  • How will blockchain impact the Gaming industry? Are we going to see huge game studios joining the blockchain-movement anytime soon?

We are going to see the big players joining the Blockchain Gaming Industry. We are still in the early stages of development, but as we saw from what’s following the Cryptokitties craze, more and more “true games” (not crypto-collectibles) join the industry every day. Larger game studios have the expertise, and the means to join blockchain and they are already here in the backstage.

Camille also stated that Ubisoft is currently developing a blockchain game through their Innovation Labs.

We would like to thank Camille and the B2Expand company for providing us with the opportunity to discuss their future objectives.

We hope the best for Beyond the Void, and we are looking forward to the main launch of the game on October 24.