Beyond the Void is one of the oldest Blockchain Games available, it’s a free to play space-themed Real Time Strategy with MOBA elements featuring one-to-one battles.

The game is available on Steam as early access with a mostly positive feedback based on 82 reviews.

The purpose of  Beyond the Void is simple, like every MOBA game you have to take out the enemy base before he destroys your base.

You start with a selected Spaceship and alongside with minions you have to destroy space nodes until you reach the main base. Your ship has active and passive skills available to use while in battle. After each battle, you collect battle points which are used to unlock new abilities.

Excalibur Spaceship in Beyond the Void
Excalibur Spaceship in Beyond the Void

Minions are super important, you just can’t beat the opponent by your own. Whether you attack or defend, make sure the minions are by your side.

In order to win your opponent, you can take over planets in the map, build rings and further develop your technology.


There are different maps to play but the basics are the same. Once you begin you have to take over other planets and form rings, you can select between three different types of strategies which will directly affect your gameplay.

  • Combat: Full attack, call for backup and take out the opponent.
  • Economic: Gather more Ambrosium and increase your resources.
  • Defense: Protect your planet with shields.

beyond the void blockchain game

In addition, all skills that a player masters needs Ambrosium, moreover, you can collect buffs and other power-ups.

Below is a highlights video from the Great Nexium War Tournament.


The Graphic design is actually good, spaceships are designed with every detail in mind and in overall it looks beautiful. Players will low-specs computer will be able to play the game as long as they meet the 6GB Minimum RAM requirement. You must have an ATI Radeon HD 5770 or NVIDIA GeForce GTS450 with 1GB VRAM or better.

Nexium Economy

The game as expected has it’s own tokenized economy called Nexium (NXC), based on the Ethereum blockchain allows players to buy and sell in-game items like spaceships, skins, and cards. Developers are building an ERC-1155 model to further evolve their digital assets and provide true ownership to the gamers.

The Nexium Store

Using Nexium, players can purchase unique items between different categories including skins for spaceships and more. Players are able to take advantage of the blockchain benefits and trade their assets through Beyond The Void’s marketplace. There are also starter packs available and boosts.

GamesCom 2018

B2Expand will announce the release date of its competitive and hybrid strategy game, Beyond the Void, at Gamescom (August 21-25, 2018).

If by any chance you are in Germany between August 21 and 25, 2018,  B2Expand will announce the release date of its competitive and hybrid strategy game, Beyond the Void.

Who is behind Beyond The Void?

B2Expand is responsible to bring you Beyond the Void to your home PC. The company started as a family project in January 2017 but it quickly developed to a team of 15 People sharing the same vision.

B2Expand are specialists when it comes to building DApps and tools based on Ethereum Blockchain.

Some Final Words

Beyond The Void is definitely a game to watch, we have tested the game and we are satisfied with the mechanisms and the graphics. The concept is awesome and players love MOBA games. With the recent expansion moves from the team, we expect more players to play Beyond The Void as the build their community.

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