Is a Stranger Things NFT Game Coming?

Stranger Things NFT Game
Is a Stranger Things NFT Game coming? Image Source: Stranger Things - Netflix

1/5/22 03:49 – Article updated to include sub-reddit mention.

Netflix’s popular show, Stranger Things, will release the fourth season on May 27, 2022, and fans (including us!) can’t wait for the new episodes. But there is something else more exciting going on, and this is the assumption of an official Stranger Things NFT Game that is coming on June 1, 2022, days after the new season’s release.

While there are no official reports for any Stranger Things NFT Game, Netflix collaborates with Candy, as we can see on the website.

Candy is an NFT platform and a Marketplace, so it’s easy to assume that Netflix is jumping on the bandwagon of the NFT craze to release Stranger Things NFT.

There was a countdown on the website, which ended yesterday for no apparent reason.

Everyone who registers on the I am Hells Master website right now will receive the following email which doesn’t give enough clues.

image 1/5/22 03:49 - Article updated to include sub-reddit mention.
Is a Stranger Things NFT Game Coming? 32

Those who signed up while the counter was live received an email with more details, hinting that Netflix may prepare an interactive-puzzle Stranger Things NFT Game.

See below the email for more clues on what’s coming. In the third paragraph, we read the following.

Decoding messages, solving puzzles, and even collecting rewards along the way.

display 1/5/22 03:49 - Article updated to include sub-reddit mention.
Posted on Sub-reddit of Stranger Things.

According to reddit user “hamborgard” who shared the above screenshot in the Stranger Things Sub-Reddit, Netflix is working on “small mystery games” with NFT rewards.

Whether they will sell overpriced NFTs or launch a browser-based Stranger Things NFT Game, the show has millions of fans worldwide. Many would be willing to pay a hefty amount for an official Stranger Things NFT or play an interactive-puzzle game based on the show’s storyline.

Articles circulating over the internet indicate the Stranger Things is going to use NFTs for this new initiative and the verification email clearly states that users would “collect rewards,” even though rewards may not be necessarily tokenized.

stranger 1/5/22 03:49 - Article updated to include sub-reddit mention.
The message

The following message appears when someone tries to register.

“Congrats for uncovering the clues and joining Stranger Things 4’s interactive curiosity voyage, brought to you by Candy Digital and Netflix.”

“Submit your email below to be the first to know when sign-up goes live!”

Judging from the emails, I’m convinced Netflix is launching an interactive-puzzle game. Still, the question remains, are we going to see a cool and enjoyable Stranger Things NFT Game where all fans can play and earn NFT rewards, or overpriced Stranger Things NFTs that will be required to access the Stranger Things Game?

Netflix Experimenting With NFTs

Netflix has launched an NFT auction in the past with 13 micro-influencers for it’s original crime documentary series “This is a Robbery.”

The streaming platform scouted for NFT artists using the Clubhouse app and prepared everything within a month period. Netflix’s This is a Robbery NFT initiative claims to be “the first NFT activation for an entertainment platform”.

In other news, the Netflix’s stock continues to fall after the platform reported a loss of 200,000 subscribers in its first quarter of 2022 for the first time in a decade. The stock is trading at $190.36, down over 62% the past year. With so much volatility going on in the stock market, Netflix board should really consider tokenizing their shares, i can see Netflix “Stock-Token” in the top 5 coins easily.

Don’t trade crypto they said, it’s very volatile, you will loose your money.

image 1 1/5/22 03:49 - Article updated to include sub-reddit mention.
Netflix Stock.

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