Johnnie Walker Launches Exclusive NFTs

Johnnie Walker Launches Exclusive NFTs

Johnnie Walker, the famous Scotch Whiskey, was happy to publicize a few days ago (18/11) its entrance into the world of NFTs by announcing the launch of some limited edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label digital collectibles designed by Junghoon Vandy Son, also known as VandyThePink.

The collection will be available on the BlockBar NFT Marketplace, with 250 total assets costing about 0.33 ETH each or $355. It will go live on Nov 22, 2022, at 05:00 PM on a first-come, first-served foundation.

The announcement of the “VANDYTHEPINK x Johnnie Walker Blue Label” collection came in celebration of a world-renowned cultural moment for the arts in Miami, Florida, beginning at the end of the current month.

Additionally, the alcoholic beverage company launched these NFTs in collaboration with three Web3 platforms, Vayner, 88rising, and BlockBar NFT Marketplace, where the NFTs exist.

“VANDYTHEPINK x Johnnie Walker Blue Label” designer Junghoon Vandy Son said, “Johnnie Walker Blue Label has become a recognized symbol of prestige, and I am excited to imprint my artistic vision on one of the most iconic blended Scotch Whiskies in the world.” Inspired by the complex harmony and depth of character, I wanted my artwork to be emblematic of the balance within the bottle while representing the communities Johnnie Walker and 88rising bring together.”