Klaytn Launches Gaming Gas Fee Rebate Program for Wider Web3 Adoption

This is a huge step forward for blockchain gaming, as gas fees have been one of the most significant problems in the industry.
Klaytn Launches Gaming Gas Fee Rebate Program for Wider Web3 Adoption

Metaverse-focused blockchain, Klaytn, launched a gas fee rebate program to allow gaming companies to offset gas fees from existing P2E games built on Klaytn.

Klaytn is paving the way to wider Web3 adoption, removing barriers and covering external costs (gas fees). The plan says that gaming companies will shoulder the gas fee expenses via Klaytn’s gas fee delegation feature and gas fees incurred by contract or externally gaming companies-owned accounts!

By designing this gas fee rebate program, Klaytn will offer a 100% offset of gas fees incurred to selected game companies, starting on January 2022 onwards, up to $100k worth of $KLAY per month per grantee. The funds will come from the Klaytn Growth Fund!

“With our vision to enable an open metaverse for all, Klaytn aims to build a dynamic gaming ecosystem that allows players to truly own their in-game assets. Through our gas fees rebate program, we hope to provide more players with opportunities to explore the wonders of Web3 gaming.”

David Shin, Head of Global Group, Klaytn Foundation

With Klaytn’s new rebate program, games on the Klaytn blockchain can offer the same experience as playing a traditional game! The perfect way to bring and onboard gamers to Web3. 

It is notable to say that a report from Crypto.com highlights that the GameFi market remains comparatively small, with just over 1M gamers and $1B in transactional volume. This number is expected to grow 50-fold by 2025! The Klaytn Gas Fee Rebate Program will help users to transform from Web2 gaming experiences to Web3 smoothly.

To apply for Klaytn’s gas fee rebate program, you can apply here.