Knight Story to launch on TRON Blockchain

Knight Story partnership with TRON

Knight Story TRON pre-registration is live with an in-game gift, and the game will launch on 6/4. Brought by Biscuit Labs, both companies will look into interoperability options to support multiple chains and further promote gaming on TRON.

The mobile game Knight Story announced a collaboration with the TRON platform, and it’s now the second chain after Ethereum to support Biscuit Labs’ newest title.

Through this collaboration, Biscuit Labs will receive strategic financing, and work together towards new technologies with interoperability across various blockchain in mind. It’s worth mentioning that Knight Story eliminates the barriers of adoption by allowing players to sign-up using social media and regular account creation, something that the industry is desperately in need.

To further promote Knight Story, TRON will advertise the game across all its prominent affiliations, including Opera Browser and BitTorrent. TRON, along with other blockchains, are all racing to drive adoption through their platforms. While many games have ported to TRON, it mostly stands out for its variety of gambling dapps.

In the first statement on October 21, 2019, Justin Sun acknowledged the importance of gaming for the TRON ecosystem while praising Biscuit Labs.

 “There has never been a decentralized game of this scale before. Biscuit’s successful rollout of blockchain gaming for mainstream audiences marks a turning point for the space. I want to thank Biscuit for their hard work and passion for blockchain. Together, we will create a blockchain for everyone.”

Justin sun, ceo of tron and bittorrent

The strategical funding as reported in October’s press release is supposed to come from the $100 Million gaming fund “TRON Arcade” which hasn’t tweeted or announced anything since August 2019. The official website appears to be down now for months.

The keyword of the Knight Story project is, in a word, compatibility. We focused on maximizing the compatibility between blockchain and the pre-existing system, as well as inter-blockchain compatibility. The Biscuit team is excited to partner with the TRON network, and we hope that all users enjoy a fast and seamless user experience. The Biscuit team will continue to contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain technology.”


About Knight Story

Knight Story is a mobile RPG for Android and iOS built on the blockchain. Become an archer, a knight, or a magician and fight against goblins, raid the dungeons or other villages with your friends, and use the loot to craft items. As you progress in the game, you gain experience and fight at higher levels. In the next period, Knight Story will receive an update with various improvements and additions, including a new map, new pets, and a PVP mode.

Sign up here for the TRON version of Knight Story and receive a gift.