We Had a Tour Inside Alterverse: Disruption & it Was Amazing

Two days ago we had the opportunity to get a tour inside the Alterverse:Disruption Multiverse game.

While the game is in Alpha, we got a steam key from Scot Kinney and jumped right in to try it. Surprisingly, Scot was on the deck waiting to greet new members and guide them around. So, just like that, we had an amazing tour inside the ship!

Overall, we really like what Alterverse is making and we strongly believe that this game has a lot of potentials.

There will be various modes to play, from free to all, to raids and others. There are also private servers in place that can be run by anyone who owns the appropriate token with customized crew cabins, space ships and much more! Private servers can be set up with a click of a button, the process is extremely easy.

Alterverse in a Nutshell

A gaming world-building metaverse based on community creation. Host your own games and monetize activities in various ways. The big selection of game mods allows players to create infinite gaming experiences with PvP and PvE action. Farm, craft, fly to space, raid bases and ships while fishing and hunting for food. Even more, Alterverse will come with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive support.

Alterverse is a Multiverse game powered by Enjin Blockchain. Multiverse stands for interoperability between assets. The XR75 fighting jet is playable between Alterverse, Space Misfits and many other games to come in the future. In other words, a single in-game item can be used across multiple games.

In the past, we described Alterverse as a Multiverse within the Multiverse due to the big number of mods is going to have, and it’s worth to mention that it’s the first game to offer customizable tokenized skins.

If you like to try the Alpha version of Alterverse, you must first get an Elite Lifetime Citizenship which is available on EnjinX.

Here’s an overview video of Alterverse.

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