Legends of Aria to Auction Celador Land on September 9th

Legends of Aria to Auction Celador Land on September 9th

To reward the early supporters of the game, Legends of Aria has officially announced that they will put the Celador Land for auction on the 9th of September.

The sale will feature land plots that are located in the most desirable locations on the map. Legends of Aria let the investors start the bidding on September 8th, while the sale takes place on September 9th, at 4:00 EST

The investors had to put their credit or debit cards in to participate in the bidding. The sale will continue till September 23rd at 4:00 PM EST. The regular auction will take place in traditional style. 

However, it gets interesting if someone declares intent in the final minute. Upon doing so, it will trigger a 10-minute extension, and the auction will continue until someone finally grabs the digital asset.

This sale will only be for the premium spot holders (the early supporters). Fortunately, there are more NFTs for those not in the premium spot. According to the team, there will be sales in the future for the general public as well. If you can’t wait, you can get the NFTs from premium spot holders via their marketplace.

Land Plots

In Legends of Aria, land plots are valuable digital assets as they come with diverse utilities and customizability. You can build a house on the land plot and decorate it however you like. Also, there will be a storage place where you can store your items. You can also train as much as you like without the fear of being attacked.

Don’t wanna build a house? Farm!

Yes, the land plots are full of fertile soil. You can start a farming business and sell by turning a part of your land into a shop. Since these land plots are very close to town and dungeons, the resale value is unmatched.