LightNite: Low Poly Battle Royale on Bitcoin

LightNite is a new, Low Poly Battle Royal Game on Bitcoin Lighting Network. Shoot your opponents, earn bitcoin, pick up items and sell them in marketplaces!

LightNite: Low Poly Battle Royal on Bitcoin Lighting Network
LightNite: Low Poly Battle Royal on Bitcoin Lighting Network

Are you ready to shoot your way to earn Bitcoin? LightNite is a battle royale game similar to Fortnite with Bitcoin’s lightning network integration.

Before we say more about the game, make sure you check out the LightNite gameplay trailer!

About LightNite Battle Royal Game

Non- Bitcoin Enabled Mode

To begin with, LightNite is an online multiplayer battle royale game available in a free to play mode as well. With this mode, it is accessible to non-coiners, and they will discover the benefits of blockchain in gaming one step at a time.

Bitcoin Enabled Mode

LightNite: Low Poly Battle Royal on Bitcoin

The game also features a Bitcoin mode where players interact with each other through the Bitcoin lighting network. More specifically, gamers earn or lose bitcoin by killing or getting killed while receiving in-game items. Most noteworthy is that you can exit the game any time you wish and secure your profits. Either you picked up a valuable object, or you just shot a player, it’s up to you to stop and instantly withdraw your earnings.

Skins and items drop onto the ground every time a player dies, and other users can pick them up. Similar to what MMORPG games offer or PUBG. 

The process goes like this: Kill an opponent, earn a small amount of bitcoin, pick up the items, and GG.

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Current LightNite Status

Currently, the game is still under development with upcoming integration in major games distribution platforms (Steam,, Play Station, etc.)

Alpha version of LightNite is going to be available in November 2020 with a beta planned for early 2021. Furthermore, players will be able to play through Android and iOS devices.

Make sure you check out the crowdfunding campaign. Anyone can pre-order LightNite for 20$, and receive 3 premium skins. There are also a variety of contributions that include apparel, stickers and more!

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