Pegaxy Released Stats-Based Racing & Genetic Breeding – What’s Coming Next?

Pegaxy Stats-racing update

Pegaxy, the NFT horse racing game, has announced today the implementation of Stats-based racing and genetic breeding feature, bringing the game closer to the promised skill-based gameplay.

Note that 3D racing is still temporarily disabled, and it’s expected to return in the next few days.

As said by the Pegaxy official announcement, stats-based racing is expected to impact the race’s outcome, with the strategy being the critical element.

While the announcement didn’t come with any further information, the current update ties with the genetic breeding feature, meaning that players have to monitor the stats of pegas and the outcome of each race to find out the best possible combinations and breed similar horses.

What’s coming next in Pegaxy?

From April 3 to April 10, a breeding event will take place. While there is no information if the VIS and PGX fees will be reduced, it was made public that the cooldown will be either lessened or completely removed.

The next update is expected to arrive on April 14 with the Pega Burning Mechanics and a level-up system.

Considering there will be a burning mechanism, the breeding event is not random since players will probably have to burn Pegas to upgrade others.

The price of the P2E token, Vigorus (VIS) has been trading at $0.0083, a 19.31% increase since yesterday, although it’s down 96.77% since its all-time high price of $0.2595 on February 3rd. Following the dip of Vigorus token, NFT Pegas (horses) have also dipped in price with the cheapest selling for as low as $70.