CyBall P2E Football Game Officially Launched


Today, February 22, CyBall, a futurist football-themed, NFT-based game, officially launched on Binance Smart Chain with plans to expand on Solana also.

What is essential to play the game?

Well, as a football card game, players must own and handle a team of futurist football cards called CyBlocs.

What are CyBlocs?

CyBlocs are NFTs that can be traded, trained, and, of course, used to play by forming a team of four.

Every CyBloc is different in many ways, differing in traits, classes, and skills.

  • Traits (Inherent abilities that will affect a CyBloc’s performance or potential earnings in-game)
  • Class (CyBlocs come in different tiers of rarity: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Legendary)
  • Skills (All CyBlocs have six footballing skills: Tackling, Passing, Dribbling, Crossing, Shooting, and Physical)
CyBlocks are available in the marketplace, with a floor price of $237 and a total supply of 20,185.

Game Features

There are a lot of things going on in CyBall, with a diversity of game modes, marketplace, breeding mechanism, and many more within the ecosystem.

  • Marketplace (NFT Marketplace for CyBall assets)
  • Training (Train your CyBlocs using an automatic coach feature or through battling in Battle Stadium PvE)
  • Exhibition (Practising and competing in a more casual setting while earning rewards and XP)
  • League Leaderboard (Register your team and ladder through the league leaderboard for rewards)
  • Tournament (Exclusive tournaments for the best of the best)
  • Mentoring (Create new CyBloc NFTs using an existing experienced CyBloc as a mentor)
  • CyDex (Trade CyBall’s tokens right from their native interface)
  • Tactic Cards (A strategy game means the best and most efficient strategic players win)

Scholarships (Loans)

One of the most if not, the most important feature of all. Scholarships in CyBall are endless, with dozens of guilds investing in them and ready to loan CyBlocs to the community of CyBall. Some guilds are Ancient8, YGGIndia, and Avocado.

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