LimeJuice & Dapps Evolution Join Forces For Pizza Heroes

Probably the best crypto game name we have seen until now and mark my words, the graphics won’t disappoint you!

Pizza Heroes is an upcoming collectible blockchain game by Dapps Evolution Ecosystem based on the TRON network.

The game features a full 3D gameplay and all items/characters are nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Pizza heroes is the first fully 3D game to be announced on the TRON Blockchain and players will be able to earn daily rewards by completing tasks. For more information about Pizza Heroes, you can read the whitepaper.

Watch this trailer video.

LimeJuice to Promote Pizza Heroes

The blockchain gaming & dapps company LimeJuice came to an agreement with Dapps Evolution Ecosystem to provide marketing services for the upcoming blockchain game Pizza Heroes.

LimeJuice recently made a major investment in the upcoming fan experience blockchain platform “Klout”.

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