Logan Pauls Crypto Zoo Clone Game, “Degen Zoo” Created in Just 30 Days

Christoph Zaknun, you the man!
Logan Pauls Crypto Zoo Clone Game,

Yes, it is true. Degen Zoo, an NFT game derived from Logan Paul’s abandoned game Crypto Zoo, has been single-handedly developed by the DAO Maker founder, Christoph Zaknun, in just 30 days.

It is notable to say that Logan Paul claimed that its CryptoZoo project needed many years to be developed and released to the public. However, Christoph took the challenge and created Degen Zoo while broadcasting daily updates of his progress from Degen Zoo’s Twitter.

Degen Zoo was created in only 30 days! By a single person! You can read the whole story here!

If you are unfamiliar with the original Logan Paul story about Crypto Zoo, don’t worry. We will briefly guide you through it. It all started when many accused massive YouTube personality Logan Paul of fraud for allegedly scamming its community with his P2E game CryptoZoo, specifically by another YouTube creator named Stephen Findeisen, better known as Coffeezilla.

Coffezilla accused Logan Paul of stealing the funds CryptoZoo had raised from investors and its own community members. Logan was stung by criticism that he had done nothing for a year after raising funds. Logan Paul created a response video stating that Christoph Zaknun had no right to dictate the required development timeline. So, Christoph took the challenge, built the game, and pledged to donate all profits from Degen Zoo to charity. And the rest is history!

Christoph Zaknun is now proceeding with the mainnet release of Degen Zoo, and its game has exceeded the demand of any GameFi release to date, surpassing all previous benchmarks.

About Degen Zoo

Degen Zoo is a unique crypto game that compels players to balance their needs with those of the world’s most endangered species. One hundred twenty exotic creatures feature in Degen Zoo, simulating humanity’s environmental impact. Can you save them by making the supreme sacrifice and “killing” your own NFT? Devised from Crypto Zoo, Logan Paul’s aborted GameFi concept, Degen Zoo was created in 30 days by DAO Maker’s Christoph Zaknun.