LOVO, AI-Backed Voice NFTs For The Metaverse & Crypto Games Raised $2 Million Led By Hashed

AI-Backed Voice NFTs

The pre-series A Funding Round has gone up to $6.5 million.

According to LOVO, the company has tasted great success in Web 2.0, and now it’s time to dominate the join the Metaverse and Web 3.0. 

The A Funding round was home to some of the well-known angel investors in Web 3.0. In the new round, there were many investments from PKO Investments — a syndicate of investors who invest in tech startups.

Some of the well-known names in the syndicate that invested in the project. 

  • Yat Sui – Founder of Animoca Brands.
  • Matt Finick – Former CFO of Roblox and Marvel Studios.

“with this funding, we want to extend the voice-first universe and essentially become the voice of Web 3”

Charlie Choi CEO LOVO

Simon Kim, CEO Hashed, shed some light on the upcoming collaboration of LOVO with other metaverse projects. He also gave a hint about setting foot in Blockchain gaming. 

Simon thinks that introducing Voice NFTs in the virtual world will personalize the players’ identities more advanced.

Other than that, integrating Text-to-Speech technology (TTS) will enable real-time in-game translation and Active NPC (non-playable character) interaction and communication with other players in the game that will open a new era for the upcoming metaverse projects. 

LOVO AI-Based Voice NFTs

LOVO isn’t new to the Voice NFT game. They launched a collection of 8,888 unique VoiceVerse NFTs in January, and every one of those NFTs was sold on the spot. 

These NFTs were created from voice samples of 100 licensed voice recordings from voice actors. 

Whenever an NFT was sold, the voice actors received royalties. The AI-Based Voice model created by LOVO is so good that it can generate any on-demand voice content. 

Charlie Choi wants the company to be ahead of the competition. He thinks that the Voice NFT industry has a huge market potential as billions of metaverse identities are being built. He believes that Voice NFTs are an in-game asset, and each metaverse identity will own a Voice NFT one day.

The CEO thinks that the company is a little early in the game. LOVO wants to partner with as many communities as possible to fulfill the enormous upcoming demand for voice NFTs.