Crazy Defense Heroes Halloween Invasion: Bored Ape Edition


Crazy Defense Heroes, a F2P, P2E tower defense mobile game, announced that the “Commander in Chain” (BAYC#9730) will join the Crazy Defense Heroes Halloween Invasion starting onĀ 24 October 2022.

By invading Crazy Defense Heroes, the “Commander in Chain” will enable players to earn additional rewards starting tomorrow Monday and ending onĀ 7 November 2022.

Specific Avatar Levels are required to unlock entry to different difficulties of Halloween Invasion. Level up to take on more challenges!

  • First Reward: BAYC-themed Equipment Game Card ā€” “The Mask of Boredom” (Get three stars on all levels to unlock it)
  • Second Reward: BAYC-Themed Badge NFT (Complete the First Reward to unlock it)
  • Third Reward: TOWER Hero Points (Earn them by participating in Crazy Defense Heroes in-game events)

Learn more information about the Halloween Invasion event here.