Mavis Hub’s Greenlight Boosts Game Developers with Community-Driven Voting

Mavis Hub's Greenlight Boosts Game Developers with Community-Driven Voting

Mavis Hub recently unveiled its newest initiative, “Greenlight,” embedded within its desktop application. This innovative platform paves the way for game developers to showcase early editions of their Axie games to an enthusiastic community. Simultaneously, it gamifies the procedure of Mavis Hub listing through a unique community-driven voting system.

An Overview of Greenlight

Mavis Hub serves as a springboard for emergent games in their pre-production stage. These games, crafted by a diverse group of creators ranging from the core team at Sky Mavis to fledgling developers, are now presented a renewed opportunity with Greenlight. With this feature, players get the dual benefit of trialing games in their nascent stages and voting for those that captivate them the most. The early adoption of these games by users not only boosts the game’s initial reach but also equips the developer with invaluable feedback, paving the way for improvement and wider acceptance within the Lunacia community.

How to Dive into the Greenlight Experience

For users keen on exploring the Greenlight platform, the process is straightforward:

  1. Upgrade to or install the most recent version, Mavis Hub v2.2.0.
  2. Navigate to the Mavis Hub: Greenlight section to explore available games.
  3. Choose, install, and immerse yourself in the gaming experience.
  4. Cast a vote for the games that resonate the most.

The Greenlighting Process for Developers

For a game to be eligible for Greenlight, it must achieve a playable “beta” state, essentially having a robust game loop and offering a complete gaming session. Developers can then pitch their games via a dedicated application form, with a specialized panel conducting evaluations. Successful games make their way to Mavis Hub: Greenlight, making them accessible to Lunacians globally.

“This update has the potential to be a game-changer for current and future Axie Builder Program projects. I’m eager to explore the new features and enhancements, which I believe will elevate our project in ABP. “

Axie Infinity War Team

Spotlight on Debut Greenlight Games

Greenlight made a noteworthy debut, introducing two exciting games: Mini Tri-Force and Culinary Wars. In the former, players navigate a narrative where a mysterious force threatens an Axie clan, necessitating battles with the youkai. The latter offers a gastronomic challenge, pushing players into the shoes of a chef managing a bustling kitchen. This platform’s introduction hints at an expanded horizon of gaming experiences, with more games from various developers anticipated in the near future.

An Homage to the Builder Community

Mavis Hub’s commitment to its community of builders is evident. The inaugural phase of the Axie Infinity Builder’s Program surpassed expectations, with feedback from its participants acting as a driving force behind the Greenlight innovation.