MegaCryptoPolis to Become a Multiverse And Free to Play

MegaCryptoPolis to Become a Multiverse

MegaCryptoPolis is evolving into a Multiverse game with a free-to-play world. This move will take the gameplay to a whole new level while providing plenty of opportunities for newcomers and existing users.

MegaCryptoPolis started as a city builder game. Over time, with constant updates and additions, it already offers an evolved gameplay, Microeconomics that generates million dollars in NFT trades, and the implementation of the DeFi powered MEGA Token.

As a reminder, the game operates on both Ethereum and Tron network allowing users to choose which one they want to join. It is well known that the Ethereum network faces difficulties until the arrival of the high anticipated Ethereum 2 update. The Tron network is already fast enough to handle the gameplay, so MegaCryptoPolis now implements the Matic Network to provide the same gaming experience in the Ethereum map as well.

The Multiverse And The Free to Play World

The MegaCryptoPolis world will become a Multiverse with various games inside it. Users are already familiar with most of the games like building to rent, produce resources, and trading on the open market. In the new world, more free-to-play games will become available with no fees or wallet required to play.

Free and fast transactions allow the creation of a free-to-play experience on top of an existing gaming world. In the Multiverse, players will be able to create any kind of assets, operate businesses inside their buildings, and interact with each other to visit creations, and complete missions using their Citizen as an avatar.

The game plans to offer to every new user a Gen K Citizen (for an Avatar) and a tiny apartment in the Town Hall to craft first Items and start with the game without even having a blockchain wallet.

Trading Items For Profit

The free-to-play world will transform the MegaCryptoPolis into a Multiverse and this generates countless opportunities for users. The game’s map is populated by players so it serves as a global market where you can present in-game NFT’s to potential buyers. To display items you must own a custom building. The more connected Land plots in your possession the higher the building is allowed.

Almost any item in the game is an ERC-721 token meaning that each one has its value. This includes Materials necessary to build and operate buildings and items. Any user will be able to complete various missions and earn MEGA token rewards. 

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