Meltelbrot #11 – Could AlterVerse disrupt the gaming world, like Airbnb changed the hotel industry?

Meltelbrot 11 Could AlterVerse disrupt the gaming world like Airbnb changed the hotel industry On this alternate day, I’m chatting with Scot Kinney, the founder of AlterVerse, a gaming and world-building universe where users can play and create an infinite number of games and worlds. It’s an Early Adopter of Enjin and is a part of the Enjin Multiverse. AlterVerse, is currently running an Initial Asset Offering (IAO), so it’s great that Scot is sliding into this universe when so busy. Time to Tap-Link!Firstly Scot, can you give the readership a brief rundown on your background in gaming and game development?

On this alternate day, I’m chatting with Scot Kinney, the founder of AlterVerse, a gaming and world-building universe where users can play and create an infinite number of games and worlds. It’s an Early Adopter of Enjin and is a part of the Enjin Multiverse. AlterVerse, is currently running an Initial Asset Offering (IAO), so it’s great that Scot is sliding into this universe when so busy. Time to Tap-Link!
Firstly Scot, can you give the readership a brief rundown on your background in gaming and game development?

I started creating online communities back in 1996 with a platform called City Link. It was kind of a miniature AOL for local users. Then in 2004, I created AureusVR, which was a 3D building environment in various themes with a role-playing angle and some limited gameplay.

Then in 2010, I started working on the first iteration of the current game. In 2012, Michael Reino, our CTO, came on-board, VR headsets got a new breath of life from the Oculus Rift and we made a new plan.

In 2017 we started looking at blockchain and how that could be incorporated into the game. Now we’re on the verge of launching the AlterVerse with our first game in a series called – Disruption.

You were one of the lucky ones to be accepted into the Enjin Early Adopter program, especially considering it is now closed. What was the major contributing factor for your team to apply for it?

We looked at a lot of options over a period of several months. Enjin’s vision was the most closely aligned with ours. Enjin’s platform was the most developed and Enjin’s supporters were happy, friendly, and enthusiastic people which told me all I really needed to know.

I got to say my luck when it comes to the QR scanning is rather poor. Fortunately though, that wasn’t necessary to receive a Legendary AlterVerse Founder’s Tap-Link. There’s been recent discussions by developers on how best to serve the community via these MFTs, can you give some details on the future usage of your Founder’s Tap-Link?

For us the Founder’s Tap-link is a status symbol represented in the game as a wearable communication device. Founder’s will get a variety of perks as we go. We haven’t determined what all they will be yet but they’ll get things like; first in line to test new games, first options on various items, air-drops etc.

I believe you’re currently in closed Beta at the moment. How’s that all progressing with testing the gameplay?

No, we’re not really in closed beta at this point. We are just finishing up our graphics upgrades and some menu and gameplay updates. Once those are complete we’ll do some Alpha testing before releasing on Steam’s Early Access. We have several volunteers from our Founder’s group who will get the first look.

Your first AlterVerse release, is called ‘Disruption’ and is a first-person Adventure RPG. Can you give us a quick rundown of the game for those who aren’t aware? And how will you be marketing that game?

I think that’s a fair description of it, although there will be 5 modes a server owner can choose from when they launch a server.

1. Solo Raids – kind of a FPS/CTF game mechanic. Every man for himself.
2. Alliance Raids – More of a co-op battle/CTF game mechanic played in teams.
3. Adventure Quest – Solve puzzles, risk life and limb, and save the ship from self-destruction.
4. Battle Royale – Enter the game in an XR75 Fighter ship and battle to the last man standing…err flying.
5. Chat server – Designed just to hang out and chat and/or build once we release the World Builder tools.We’ll market it in the usual ways; Social Media, Press Releases, Advertising, Release on Steam etc.

Another thing I thought I read, was that the game was not just for the PC, but also VR Compatible, which is cool and inclusive for those that have it. Is this the case?

Yes, it’s VR compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The whole ship is accessible including flying the XR75’s. You can fully play the game with a VR headset, and also can use a gamepad or VR controllers.

So you’re looking into the future a bit with VR?

One day, we may all be playing in a holodeck type room, as I think everyone will eventually have one.

It seems AlterVerse games rely a lot on the community participation of people who are server owners. Can you explain quickly how server owners will benefit utilising your ‘world editors’ platform and what possible return on investment (ROI) could occur?

To start, server owners can customize their ships a ton with our built-in customizer. Including; 10 wall, floor, ceiling and light choices that can be mixed and matched for a nearly unlimited number of combinations. They can also change the skybox, the ship’s hull, and all 32 crew rooms can be individually customized. We’ll release the World Builder tools some time later this year or early next. At that point they’ll be able to do almost anything they want to edit their levels/worlds.

ROI is an entirely different topic. At this point we have no way of knowing because there are way too many variables. The servers themselves will be scarce digital assets tracked on the blockchain. A server will cost around $100 to start. Server owners can set their treasury amounts, payouts for various other activities, the fee in Aces, that they’ll charge players to play, the difficulty level and the time allowed to complete tasks.

We will spend a large percentage of our income on marketing and advertising to help server owners acquire players. But, some will also do a lot of their own marketing so it’ll be a matter of how competitive they are and how well they bring players in to play. Also, we’re waiting for Efinity to be completed before we can utilize the blockchain driven in-game token called the Ace that will be used to monetize. In the meantime we’ll use a stand-in, centralized Ace for testing and getting ratios right etc.

In the title header of this article, I suggest that your team could potentially shake up the gaming industry like Airbnb did to hotels. I admit, a little click baity 😉 but I do find the franchise aspect of being a server host fascinating. What are your thoughts on that?

Well…there are some definite parallels. We’re taking an old, stodgy, centralized industry and putting it into the hands of the people to run. We’re creating a way for gamers all over the world to monetize by hosting pre-made game servers and well…guests.

So your presale / IOC opens very soon, 16 February, but there’s an auction running at the moment. What is up for grabs in the auction? How’s the bidding war going so far?

We’re offering 2 items really; the XR75 Maverick and the 32 Crew rooms on the flag ship Magellan. Only 6 of the Maverick skins will ever be minted and owners can use the skin on any XR75 on any server they board. Each Maverick is backed by 1000 ENJ. The Magellan ship was the first to enter the AlterVerse and will be hosted and maintained by us. The 32 crew rooms are kind of like buying a small condo where you own the room but not the building. Each Crew Room is backed by 5 ENJ. Both Mavericks and Crew Rooms will be tradable immediately, but the wiser players will probably hodl.
So far the sale is going well! Lots of interest and lots of bids! It’ll get really exciting as it nears the end on Saturday the 16th of February.

Once presale opens what can people buy? And what’s the process? Is it random chance like other presales have been?

No, it’s not random chance at all. In the pre-sale, or Initial Asset Offering (IAO) as we’re calling it, we’re offering, for a one-time fee, Elite Lifetime Citizenships which will grant the owners access to all current and future games. It also gets them 200 Aces, the Citizen’s Tap-link wearable skin and for the first 1000 buyers we’re throwing in a free XR75 Blue Angel skin all for only $30. Other perks will come with being a Citizen as well. Each Citizenship is backed by 10 ENJ.
We’re also offering 200 Limited Edition Game Servers (LEGS) for the Disruption game. In addition to the fully decked out ship and pre-made, monetizable game; we’re including an Elite Lifetime Citizenship, 1000 Aces, and for the first 100 buyers we’re throwing in 6 – XR75 Green Hornet skins that they can use on the XR75’s on their ship or sell/trade. Each ship is backed by 30 ENJ.

Ok you’ve convinced me, I’ll definitely be supporting the presale. Once I do, what can I expect next?

We’ll deliver all the assets to everyone’s wallets right after the sale.

All of them, with the exception of Aces, will be tradable/sellable immediately but I’d recommend you Hodl. None of them will be usable until we launch the game on Steam however. We’re shooting for Q1 2019 still!

Finally, what’s the coolest aspect about your project that you believe will change the landscape of gaming?

Decentralized, pre-made, game servers that people can host and monetize out of the box. It’s like buying a small franchise that you can run from home. We also have a cool Affiliate Marketing system anyone can make use of.

I think that franchise concept is awesome! It empowers people who love games to do what they love. Ok, thanks heaps for chatting Scot, I better let you get back to it. As you’ve told me in DM, you and your team are working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is a mammoth effort!! I think you are doing a wonderful job keeping everyone informed and engaged, so good in fact there was no community questions this time.

But if anyone is interested in this great project, you can learn more about the AlterVerse and their first game Disruption, by visiting the AlterVerse website or following us on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, or join their brand new Reddit communityAlso, add AlterVerse to your Steam wish list here! Join the AlterVerse!

Plus, if you’re an Accredited US Investor and have an interest in learning more, please shoot an email to AlterVerse Inc. is completing a Private Pre-Seed round.

Tap link. Melt out!

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