Metagame Industries Raises $100M for Web3 Game Abyss World

Metagame Industries Raise 0M for Web3 Game Abyss World

Metagame Industries, a Web3 game studio, has secured $100M following a successful strategic funding round. The funding is set to expedite the development of the anticipated Web3 game Abyss World.

This Web3 game studio attracted an elite group of investors for the funding round. This list includes the likes of Mysten Labs, known for its Sui developer, Swiss gaming platform Xterio, and respected game publisher FunPlus. Esteemed investment entities such as Big Brain Holdings, 2moon Capital, Chainhill Capital, Dweb3 Capital, ZeroX Fund, and MH Ventures also threw their support behind Metagame Industries, highlighting the company’s substantial traction in the Web3 gaming sphere.

Abyss World, the company’s flagship AAA game within the Sui ecosystem, is being developed in collaboration with Mysten Labs. This game has already made headlines, accumulating nearly 120,000 global pre-orders registered on the Steam wishlist. The arrival of Abyss World is highly anticipated by an international audience eager to experience the novelty this game promises.

The recent influx of capital provides Metagame Industries with the necessary resources to accelerate the production of Abyss World. This could potentially redefine the boundaries of Web3 gaming. The funding will empower the studio to utilize advanced AI technologies, implement ambitious creative concepts, and offer an unparalleled gaming experience to its global audience.