Mocaverse Teams Up with Rarible to Launch Exclusive NFT Marketplace

Mocaverse Teams Up with Rarible to Launch Exclusive NFT Marketplace

In a significant move, Mocaverse, a prominent NFT collection by Animoca Brands, has collaborated with Rarible, a notable NFT platform, to roll out a specialized marketplace. The main aim is to enhance the trading security of Mocas, the exclusive NFTs of Mocaverse while ensuring their authenticity and reducing risks from harmful software.

Rarible Protocol: The Power Behind the Marketplace

The new marketplace leverages the decentralized framework of the Rarible Protocol, endorsed by RARI token holders through the RARI Foundation. This solidifies its position as a secure and transparent platform for users.

Prioritizing Royalties and Offering Special Features

Apart from a time-limited offer of zero platform fees on native listings of the Mocaverse collection, the marketplace will honor royalties on all transactions made on the platform. It will also provide unique features tailored to the Mocaverse collection, like displaying Moca XP points and support for five ERC-20 Animoca Brands tokens. Moca XP points, which are earned through various user activities, serve as a means to increase the likelihood of obtaining rewards.

The incorporation of the Moca XP rewards system adds value to Mocaverse NFTs beyond their traits or rarity, as per Alan Lau, the Chief Business Officer at Animoca Brands. He continued by saying: “By offering Mocaverse holders various custom marketplace features developed in partnership with Rarible, we can effectively integrate trading activities into our broader ecosystem while facilitating a seamless Mocaverse experience.”