Mozart Raises $3M to Assist Unexperienced Web3 Game Developers 

Mozart Raises $3M to Assist Unexperienced Web3 Game Developers 

Mozart, a new platform simplifying the process for game developers to integrate blockchain into their games, announced on October 1st that the Web3 startup collected $3M from a pre-seed funding round.

Arcanum Capital, AG Build, Future Perfect Ventures, and SaxeCap participated in the funding round. Mozart plans to continue onboarding game studios and expanding its suite of offerings for blockchain gaming. The company aims to simplify blockchain integration into games by offering an SDK that allows developers to add Web3 experiences with just a line of code.

Many developers are working out very hard in order to understand and practice the challenging coding Web3 requires. This is the main problem in our industry. Mozart is ending this matter not only with the SDK but with the easy-to-use social logins and credit cards it offers.

“We eliminate the complexity for game studios by giving them a web2-like SDK and tools to integrate NFT components. We’re providing game developers with the tools necessary to build a simpler onramp for players to enjoy their gaming experience. No web3 experience needed.”

Co-Founder and CEO of Mozart Arman Puri

Additionally, Mozart is building several components within its platform that will help developers improve the user experience and their own indeed. These components are:

  • A REST API that feels like web2 — no blockchain knowledge or experience required
  • No gas fees
  • Easy onboarding for traditional gamers with social login and payments with credit cards
  • A developer dashboard — a no-code solution for creating and managing gaming NFTs
  • Fast, highly responsive APIs that allow developers to use NFTs in games while maintaining a great user experience – no more waiting 30+ seconds to mint an NFT or interact with the blockchain.