My Defi Pet DAO has Arrived With Voting Rights

My Defi Pet Dao

My DeFi Pet Shares Its First Proposal 

According to the first proposal shared by the My Defi Pet Facebook page, the DPET holders will now have the right to vote on how the project should evolve.

Now, the DPET token holders will be able to influence the game development. The token holders have been allowed to vote on the distribution of team and advisor tokens. All this was made possible by the game council. 

The My Defi Pet team has shared two voting options in the first proposal. The token distribution will take place by one of the two schemas described below:

Option 1

Extend the locking period for one more year.- Lock until 29/04/2023- Then linearly vest in 12 months until 29/04/2024

Option 2

Keep the locking and vesting schedule as planned- Lock until 29/04/2022- Then linearly vest in 12 months until 29/04/2023

Voting Period

The voting will take place from April 26 to April 28. To vote, you need to have at least 1 $DPET. 

1 Vote = 1 $DPET

The more $DPET you own, the more votes you can cast. 

Will You Get Rewarded?

The reward mechanism is simple. If you cast one vote and the total number of votes is 100, you will receive 1% of the full reward. 

Beware of Scammers

If you see someone claiming to giveaway My Defi Pet rewards in exchange for some crypto, beware! They are all scammers trying to pull down the game’s reputation.