My Defi Pet: You Can Now Breed Your Pets In The Happy Forest

Players in My Defi Pets – a virtual pet game based on a similar model to Axie Infinity – can now breed their pets to create new offspring. The game has a variety of species with different features, genes, and qualities and players can create various forms of combinations to produce new pets.

When a player breeds two different pets in the game’s Happy Forest, there is a probability that the new pet would either inherit qualities from their father or mother, or they can have their own set of features and qualities.

For instance, a newly born pet can take its color from its mother, while the overall body structure could resemble its father, or it can mutate its genes to have new body parts like wings or horns.

To start playing the game, you need to buy an egg for 3 DPET tokens. Feeding food to your pets will raise their levels, and when they reach level 10, you can breed them. Breeding two pets cost an additional 5 DPET tokens. Pet owners will be able to sell their pets on the marketplace, however, it is still not opened as the game is in the beta stage.

One thing to note before breeding is the generation rule. The higher the generation of pets, the higher the probability of breeding similar accessories will be. All pets that hatch from eggs bought by players will have gen 0. An offspring will have the next highest generation after its parents. 
Check out our in-depth video review of the My Defi Pets game, and find the complete guide on how to buy DPET tokens and pets in My Defi Pets.

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