Myria Public Node Sale Postponed for April 10th

Myria Public Node Sale Postponed for April 10th

Due to a technical problem with the API, the Myria public node sale is postponed for Monday 10th of April same time. (8:00 AM GMT)

Those who want to get a node and become validators of the network will have their chance to acquire a software node which will reward for its operation with Myria tokens daily, and NFT drops from the upcoming games of the ecosystem.

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Through the presales, Myria has already sold 6435 nodes, with the rest 33565 being available for public sale.

Based on the Myria Node Rewards explanation, there will be 12,328,767 $MYRIA distributed daily to node owners for the first two years before the halving occurs. Based on that, if 5,000 node owners are active, each one of them will receive 2,465.7534 $MYRIA per license.

Assuming there are already 6435 nodes sold in pre-sales and the ones from the public sale, we expect a minimum of 10,000 nodes to be active throughout the first days, which may result in around 1,200 $MYRIA tokens per day per license.

Please note the above is an assumption made, and the reality might be different.

The price of Myria nodes will increase with each sale batch starting at $4,500. Find below the exact pricing.

Ramp countPrice rampRamp incrementBatch sizeTotal ramp in batchStarting priceEnding price
Batch #1$0.004949$0.00$4,500.00$4,500.00
Batch #2$5.001963724$95.00$4,500.00$4,595.00
Batch #3$10.001963724$190.00$4,595.00$4,785.00
Batch #4$20.001963724$380.00$4,785.00$5,165.00
Batch #5$40.001963724$760.00$5,165.00$5,925.00
Batch #6$80.001963724$1,520.00$5,925.00$7,445.00
Batch #7$160.001963724$3,040.00$7,445.00$10,485.00
Batch #8$320.001963724$6,080.00$10,485.00$16,565.00
Batch #9$512.001963724$9,728.00$16,565.00$26,293.00
Batch #10$819.201963724$15,564.80$26,293.00$41,857.80

To successfully run a Node, license owners need a Windows/Mac or Linux machine with the following specs:

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 60 GB Disk Space
  • An x86/X64 Processor
  • A Stable Internet Connection
  • Operating Systems (Win10, MacOS 10.10, Ubuntu 20.04)

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