OnlyFans Founder to Launch “Zoop” NFT Trading Card Platform For Celebrities.

Zoop NFT trading card platform

Onlyfans is starting to get into the Web3 and NFT space by launching an NFT trading card platform called Zoop. 

After the massive success of Onlyfans (a successful $1B business), Tim Stokely – Onlyfans founder – and RJ Phillips – Onlyfans executive – are launching Zoop where exclusivity will be on a new level. 


Launching on the Polygon blockchain, Zoop is a decentralized platform for celebrities to create their NFT trading cards. As the business model is by Onlyfans executive, the “fans” can buy, sell, or collect these cards or trade them on the marketplace. 

To make NFTs of celebrities, one needs to have the licenses – Zoop is currently gaining permissions and partnering with other enterprises. 

Zoop – A Win for Celebrities

The creators behind Onlyfans and Zoop are confident that it will be something big for celebrities. They will create a platform where celebrities can interact with their fans in a whole new manner. Brands are also a target audience for Zoop as they will play a similar role as celebrities.

There is a large team of experienced Web3 developers behind this project. Zoop is set to launch this summer (though there is no exact release date as of now)

There will be 500 cards for each celebrity in the first drop. The fans can buy these cards via the Dutch Auction method. There is also a priority pass available for those who want to participate in the pre-launch.