Mystic Moose Debuts Planet Mojo Marketplace for NFT Trading

Mystic Moose Debuts Planet Mojo Marketplace for NFT Trading

Game developer Mystic Moose has unveiled the “Planet Mojo Marketplace” just as autumn sets in for the world of Mojos and Champions. This new marketplace serves as a hub for players to exchange their Mojo Melee NFTs hosted on the Polygon blockchain.

Integrated Technology for Safe Transactions

The marketplace is fortified with the Sequence wallet and tools from Horizon Blockchain Game, offering an added layer of security. Moreover, players can also use Metamask and WalletConnect for their trading needs. The integration ensures quick credit card payments and support for multiple chains in the EVM network.

Upcoming Mojo Melee Tournament

This news comes just before the upcoming “Fall Faceoff” tournament of Mojo Melee, set to begin on September 1st. The tournament will last eight days, and players can win exclusive prizes, including Mystery Mojos, Meerkat Champion NFTs, and special gem packs. The qualifying rounds will continue until September 8th, leading to intense matches where players compete for the top 32 leaderboard spots. The FINAL showdown will take place on September 9th.

Special Promotion with Amazon Prime Gaming

Mojo Melee has also amped up its collaboration with Amazon Prime Gaming. As part of this ongoing partnership, Amazon Prime members who have synced their accounts with the game can access a unique NFT.

This NFT, claimable via the Prime Gaming dashboard until 26th September, introduces players to “Dawn Striker Champion” paired with a Chroma Skin. The Dawn Striker is depicted as a night-hunting panther capable of lunging at adversaries, pulling them closer.