Nakamoto Games Launches “Spooky Run 2.0 Tournament”

Nakamoto Games Launches

Nakamoto Games is at the forefront again with the unveiling of its latest initiative– the Spooky Run 2.0 Tournament. This event will culminate on 15th August, offering participants thrilling gameplay and a shot at substantial prizes.

Nakamoto Games, already boasting a vast collection of over 200 games, continues to strengthen its presence in the gaming realm. The Spooky Run 2.0 Tournament epitomizes their dedication to providing invigorating and lucrative gaming opportunities. Players are called upon to journey through haunting terrains, sharing their experiences in real-time on Twitter. To vie for the generous prize pool, players must tag @NakamotoGames in their posts and include $NAKA. Additionally, participants need to fill out a Google form shared by the event coordinators.

Prize Details

Set at an enticing $700, the tournament’s prize distribution is structured to reward top players handsomely. The leading player gets $100, while the next two spots secure $60 and $40 respectively. Those ranking from fourth to twentieth aren’t forgotten, with each pocketing $30. A dynamic leaderboard will further intensify the competitive spirit, making every move in the game count.

Nakamoto’s Vision for the Future

Nakamoto Games is on more than just a gaming quest. They’re crafting the blueprint for the evolution of #Web3 Gaming. Their expansive suite of offerings, from a metaverse echoing real-world economic mechanics, a $NAKA SDK for transitioning games from web2 to web3, exclusive NFT collections, to a pioneering Web3 Mobile App, underscores their grand vision.

For the brave souls ready to confront the phantasmal trials of Spooky Run 2.0 and delve deep into Nakamoto Games’ innovative universe, the challenge is straightforward: Are you bold enough?

Note: All participants must stream their gameplay live on Twitter. The ultimate victors will be chosen based on the leaderboard standings on 15th August at 8:00 PM Thailand time. Nakamoto Games holds the final say on player eligibility.