Nakamoto Games Unveils NETRIS World Challenge

Nakamoto Games Unveils NETRIS World Challenge

Nakamoto Games, a prominent player in the gaming industry, has recently declared the launch of the first edition of the NETRIS World Challenge. The announcement came together with the unveiling of their new game, NETRIS, which is all set to go live.

Enriching the Gaming Ecosystem

The launch of the NETRIS World Challenge indicates Nakamoto Games’ continuous efforts to diversify and enrich its gaming offerings. This new gaming option follows the introduction of more than 200 games in the company’s ecosystem, demonstrating its commitment to providing diverse gameplay experiences for users.

NETRIS is inspired by the iconic 1984 game Tetris, originally created by Russian software engineer Alexey Pajitnoc. By integrating this game into its catalog, Nakamoto Games aims to offer users a nostalgic yet innovative gaming experience.

Exploring the NETRIS World Challenge

Scheduled to go live on Friday, July 14, NETRIS offers a single-player mode that takes players on a trip down memory lane, replicating the charm of the classic Tetris. With plans for a multiplayer version on the horizon, users have much to look forward to.

The NETRIS World Challenge, set to coincide with the Official World Championship in Tetris, is designed to provide a globally competitive platform. This event is hailed as the first decentralized gaming world cup, where players can participate in 1:1 tournaments and compete for exciting rewards.

Increasing User Engagement

In their ongoing mission to boost user engagement, Nakamoto Games recently achieved the 20,000 gameplay mark, closing in on their target of over 30,000 gameplays on the platform. To further stimulate activity, the company plans to roll out a bot allowing players to challenge each other through their Official Telegram Channel. This feature allows gamers to invite friends and fellow users to join them.

Although the precise start date and duration of the NETRIS World Challenge are yet to be confirmed, anticipation for the competition is high. Detailed information about the rewards for the competition is eagerly awaited, with users expecting further updates from Nakamoto Games soon.