NEO EcoBoost – $100M to Support Dapp Development

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NEO, the Open Network For Smart Economy is a blockchain platform powered by the NEO cryptocurrency that uses smart contracts and NFTs. As we have reported in the past, NEO introduced the EcoBoost project, an initiative of 100 Million dollars to support and fund dapps development as well as blockchain games.

Neo EcoBoost is a program designed to expand the NEO ecosystem by supporting the development of projects and applications. Currently, the project is at phase one and has already started cooperations and partnerships. Think of it as a program that will provide the necessary support to partnered projects and applications to develop on the NEO ecosystem by taking advantage of multiple resources that are necessary in order for a DAAP to grow.

neo ecoboost 0m project

The support that the NEO EcoBoost can provide to the partnered projects varies in many ways, with some of the most important to be: marketing promotions, access to the NEO community (which counts millions of members with over 2 Million Wallet Addresses until now in existence), Liquidity, Security Solutions, Wallet Integration and of course funding support. The program was created to support developers and projects already in the NEO ecosystem, invite new ones to join and benefit from the solutions that can be offered from the NEO ecosystem.

Do you want to cooperate in any way with EcoBoost? Apply here for evaluation.

The program is divided into three phases:

  • Partner recruitment
  • Eco Project recruitment
  • Acceleration phase

As mentioned before the stage one (Partner recruitment) has already started and its purpose is to create a partnered network of media outlets, wallet providers, exchanges, and dApp distribution platforms, that will support the growth of the project.

neo ecoboost project decentralized applications development dapps

The purpose of phase two, the NEO Eco-Project Recruitment, is to invite teams to apply their projects in the NEO Ecoboost program. Teams that will successfully join the project will be supported at any given point based on the stage and needs of the project.

At phase three, the EcoBoost Acceleration, the needs of partnered projects will be matched with corresponding resources by the Ecoboost partners. NEO will connect dapps with media outlets (such as exchanges and other resources for cost-effective service plans and free promotion.

Learn more about EcoBoost

Archontakis Kostas
Archontakis Kostas
Kostas is a founding member of egamers writing for the blockchain gaming and NFT industries since early 2018. He likes to follow decentralized projects, and expand his knowledge around Marketing.
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