Blocklords 2.0 NFT Presale & Loom Network Integration

blocklords loom presale nft

Blocklords is a well-known strategy dapp game first introduced on TRON blockchain, as a member of the TRON Arcade fund. Since then it has integrated NEO support and won two awards. The development continues with Ethereum integration through LOOM network and NFT support. Free and fast transactions are a must nowadays for games that want …

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The Best Gaming Cryptocurrencies For 2020

The best gaming cryptocurrencies

So, you have been asking what are the best gaming cryptocurrencies? Don’t worry, we got you covered! We experience a wave of new gamers, unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies who discover tutorials such as our comprehensive guide how to play crypto games, so we decided to write about the best gaming cryptocurrencies that you should keep an …

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Ground Hunter Giveaway

Ground Hunter Giveaway by MixMarvel & NEO

As it is already known, NEO Blockchain and MixMarvel have announced an official partnership. The first step of their collaboration is to release an FPS high-quality blockchain game after the name “Ground Hunter”. Above all, the game targets the NEO community users and will launch a series of events that come with great benefits for …

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Q&A With NEO and Arkane Network

QA with NEO and Arkane Network

NEO and Arkane Network announced a partnership the past week and it’s time to dive deeper and get all the information. I had the pleasure to discuss with Karel Striegel, CEO of Arkane Network and Denis Sulov, Associate Manager at NEO and got some insights for both projects as well as their future plans and …

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Neo & Arkane Network Cooperation.

Neo & Arkane Network Cooperation

Arkane Network, a Wallet as-a-service, and Blockchain API/SDK provider recently teamed up with NEO Blockchain. Arkane can help projects and blockchain with their solid tools and lower the entry barrier for new cryptocurrency users. Neo is taking huge steps to evolve its blockchain network in order to support the development of large-scale commercial applications. Neo …

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NEO EcoBoost – $100M to Support Dapp Development

NEO, the Open Network For Smart Economy is a blockchain platform powered by the NEO cryptocurrency that uses smart contracts and NFTs. As we have reported in the past, NEO introduced the EcoBoost project, an initiative of 100 Million dollars to support and fund dapps development as well as blockchain games. Neo EcoBoost is a …

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Blockchain Cuties to Launch on NEO Blockchain

Blockchain Cuties team announced today the start of the development of their game on the NEO Blockchain. The launch is coming this summer while the first Cuties have been already born on the NEO test network. By making this move Blockchain Cuties leaves its mark on the blockchain gaming history once again by beating its …

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NEO will bring 100 million US dollars to Chain Plus·2019 Blockchain Digital Game Innovation Summit

It is reported that NEO recently revealed that a $100 million funding initiative called NeoEcoBoost would be injected into the Neo ecosystem to activate seed projects and boost the overall growth of the blockchain. The primary aim of this funding is to activate seed projects, support dApp growth on the blockchain, further develop infrastructure, and …

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