Blockchain Cuties to Launch on NEO Blockchain

Blockchain Cuties team announced today the start of the developing of their game on the NEO Blockchain. The launch is coming this summer while the first Cuties have been already born on the NEO test network.

By making this move Blockchain Cuties leaves its mark on the blockchain gaming history once again by beating its own record as the first game ever available on three Blockchains. As it is well known, Blockchain Cuties is already available to play on the Ethereum, the TRON, and the EOS Blockchain.

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Launching on the NEO blockchain is a big step for the popular collectible blockchain game to expand even more while still keep developing on the other three blockchain networks as well.

Nevertheless, Blockchain Cuties is one of the games with the most active development teams and great plans for the game such as Land update and the already implemented Cute token, we are eager to see what will come next!

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