Blockchain Cuties Now Supports EOS Blockchain

Now here’s something awesome, Blockchain Cuties is now available on the EOS Blockchain!

Blockchain Cuties is now the first game that supports both Ethereum and EOS Blockchain.

After two months of hard work, Blockchain Cuties proudly announced today a big milestone for them – and the blockchain gaming industry in general.

Blockchain Cuties on the EOS Blockchain

What changes have been made?

As expected, players are able to login in the game using their EOS Wallet by just importing the private key. Worth to mention, the private key is stored locally so you don’t have to worry about security.

EOS Blockchain works slightly different that Ethereum, in order to play, gamers have to allocate CPU / Bandwith and RAM, the amount of staked resources can be “unstaked” at any time.


If you are not aware how EOS Blockchain works, you should consider reading this.

For now, EOS support is at BETA stage, not all features are available but most of the work is done.

Currently, the Mechanics working on EOS Blockchain are:

  • breeding;
  • siring;
  • buying;
  • selling;
  • all off chain related mechanics (item equipping, adventures, raid bosses).

Play Blockchain Cuties Now

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