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Blockchain Cuties The game

Blockchain Cuties is that kind of games you can fall in love easily, breed, collect, level up and battle the cutest animals you have ever seen on the blockchain.

Gain true ownership with every cutie, an ERC721 token which can be sold to other players or stored in your Ethereum wallet. While the game is built upon the abovementioned technology, some features are running uppon an off-chain to speed up things and comfort transaction fees.

While there is a tutorial pet you can start playing with, the game is not free to play, you have to purchase a cutie with prices starting as low as 3-4$. If, on the other hand, you have money to spend, Unique cuties may cost as much as 6.6 ETH.

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With a lot of mini-game completed and many to come, the interest1 and player’s base is growing.

Blockchain Cuties Game on ethereum

Cuties are everything

The game is all about lovely cutties, whether it’s a cat, a fox or hybrid between bear and lizard, you gotta love it and play with him. Cuties are split into three different types, the Normal ones, the Tribute cuties and last, the Unique cuties. With that being said, let’s take a closer look.

Normal Cuties

They are the simplest cuties available in the game, consider them ‘common‘ in different types with additional bonuses. Normal cuties are born through breeding.

Tribute Cuties

A step above the normal ones, they come with extra power bonus in adventures and gold attributes. There are only 30 Tribute cuties available with the vast majority of them haven’t been discovered yet.

Unique Cuties

Meet the most powerful cuties, limited because there are a few available with 2 Power bonus and they can’t be bred. Packed with special bonuses like 1 adventure cooldown every 24h, in order to get yours, you must buy one or get it from an in-game achievement.

Cuties come with different statics as follow: Power, Attack, Defense, Evasion, Luck and last, Bonus experience. But there are not only that, cuties also have attributes attached to them and cooldowns.

Blockchain Cuties Obei
Artwork with a cap and ‘OBEI’ Hat, clever haha.

Adventures Made For Cuties

Who doesn’t love a big adventure? Cuties are no exception here. Once you send your cutie for an adventure it will find a suitable opponent and the battle, in a roll-the-dice manner, will begin. Rules are simple, the one attacks, the other defends and vice versa. Your cutie will gain experience regardless of the outcome and if you win you might get artifacts, wearable items, and consumables. Currently, there are 5 different adventure modes to explore with duration starting from 10 minutes. There is so much info to consider when battling that you can easily get a headache. Blockchain cuties have done a tremendous work when it comes to battles.

Ivory tower blockchain cuties

Breeding Cuties

Cuties have their own genomes, a DNA like which consists of many molecules directly affecting their appearance.

Every cutie in the game has its own unique genome. Think of genome as a human DNA which consists of many molecules where each molecule corresponds to a certain appearance trait. In genome, there are 64 genes. Combination of different genes create attributes like “Sad”, “ZeMoustache” e.t.c.


Blockchain Cuties seems to gain more and more attention as the time goes by, this is a good sign for the game and with an active community like they have, things are looking great.

There are regular events and always there is something going on to keep your interest in high levels.

Yesterday, a new patch was applied with item logging improved, more precise activity history and notifications in market sales. Moreover, there were UI improvements and bug fixes.

The game itself is fun to play and somehow addictive, if you are in for collectible games, this is your chance to play, Generation 0 cuties are still available in low prices.

Visit the Blockchain Cuties Wiki and website.

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