Neo & Arkane Network Cooperation.

Neo & Arkane Network Cooperation

Arkane Network, a Wallet as-a-service, and Blockchain API/SDK provider recently teamed up with NEO Blockchain. Arkane can help projects and blockchain with their solid tools and lower the entry barrier for new cryptocurrency users.

Neo is taking huge steps to evolve its blockchain network in order to support the development of large-scale commercial applications. Neo & Arkane network cooperation seems to be a great addition to the vision of NEO development.

Recently NEO revealed the NeoEcoBoost program. NeoEcoBoost is a $100M project that aims to fund and support the development of Dapps on the NEO network. Furthermore BlockchainCuties one of the most popular collectible blockchain games has already added the NEO network as the fourth blockchain available to play.

About the Arkane Network.

ArkaneNetwork offers wallet as-a-service for various blockchains as well as NFT support. Developers can use it to build on it and players can use it to store their crypto and NFT’s. Arkane Network makes it easier for developers to build applications using their API and SDK tools. Arkane is described as a powerful network with great solutions for every blockchain developer and any project that want to eliminate the entry barriers in their dapps.

As a matter of fact, Arkane is providing its services to the well-known blockchain games studio 0xGames.

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