Arkane Network Partners with 0xGames to Make User-Friendly Games

The Arkane Network teamed up with 0xGames to offer better user experience and ease of use. This move makes it easier for non-blockchain gamers to jump into the amazing world of crypto games.

It’s not a secret that a gamer with no previous experience in cryptocurrencies is going to have a hard time to understand how to begin playing a blockchain game. This is what Arkane is trying to solve for 0xGames. More than 90% of players quit a game because of poor user experience!

Arkane Network offers wallet as-a-service for various blockchains as well as NFT support. Players can use Arkane’s services to store their crypto and non-fungible tokens while developers can use their API to communicate with blockchains and built upon it.

0xGames is working closely with Arkane to implement a wallet solution which solved the hurdles in order to attract mainstream gamers.

Arkane will offer the following services to 0xGames.

  • Players will be able to play without owning a blockchain wallet, instead, the game will provide one.
  • Players won’t be required to download any extra software such as dapp browsers, metamask etc.
  • Compatibility with modern browsers.
  • The ability to develop for any device including desktop, mobile, consoles, and web.
  • The ability to build a native mobile app (e.g 0xGames just released 0xUniverse for iOS and Android)
  • Multilanguage support

0xGames develops games for more than ten years and they have released some very popular blockchain titles such as 0xUniverse and 0xWarriors, with 0xRacers and 0xBattleships to follow.


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