New Planetary Node Bundles Incoming

New Planetary Node Bundles Incoming

As we get closer to the launch of Spider Tanks, Gala Games decided to listen to its community and brought three extra Planetary Node bundles.

Gala Games firstly announced its detail-packed Spider Tanks litepaper, showcasing the plans of the Spider Tanks reward-based gaming ecosystem. Secondly, they announced another round of Planetary Node sales and all the details surrounding it.

The Special Planetary Node Bundle Sale

Gala Games stated that the sale will start on September 8th at 3 PM PT with bundles that consist of 3 Planetary Node licenses for only 72 hours!

The price of the special bundle will be $7500 and will be payable in ETH or GALA.

Planetary Node Benefits

Upgradeable Dropship: Every Spider Tanks player has a Dropship that will allow them to enroll their owned Tanks in the Pilot Program, depending on the number of Drop Pods currently available.

There are types of Drop Pods:

  1. Atomic Drop Pods are low-cost pods designed to last for a certain amount of time.
  2. Ironclad Drop Pods are high-quality pods crafted to last for life.

With each first-generation Planetary Node license purchased, one Ironclad Drop pod will come with each player’s dropship. Additionally, the game will give another Ironclad Drop pod upon game launch. 

For example, all normal players will have 1 Ironclad Drop Pod and room for 5 upgrades. An operator of a single Planetary Node will have 2 Ironclad Drop Pods and room for 4 upgrades. A Planetary Node operator with 5 Node licenses will have a maximized Dropship with 6/6 Ironclad Drop Pods.

Any dropship can be upgraded to have more drop pods using Atomic or Ironclad Drop pods. Furthermore, Spider Tanks allows each Drop pod to enroll a single Tank in the Pilot program – let someone else pilot your tank, resulting in shared rewards.

Upgradeable Node Depot: Each Planetary Node will have its Node depot, allowing them to pair their owned Tank Body, Tank Weapon, or Map NFTs automatically to matches hosted by their Node. After doing so, rewards can be potentially increased, earning additional Victory Points. Node depot can be upgraded to a total of 6 Depot Slots for a single Node.