Ground Hunter Giveaway

Ground Hunter Giveaway by MixMarvel & NEO

As it is already known, NEO Blockchain and MixMarvel have announced an official partnership. The first step of their collaboration is to release an FPS high-quality blockchain game after the name “Ground Hunter”.

Above all, the game targets the NEO community users and will launch a series of events that come with great benefits for NEO holders. In addition, users that will participate in the upcoming presale will be the first to join the game and get a head start.

The Giveaway

More than 2 Million GHT are available in the Ground Hunter Giveaway. The event is now live and will last until October 16th while it provides two different phases.

Event 1: Register Account

The first 3,000 participants will get 10 GHT each just by completing three easy steps. Your earnings will be available as soon as the game launches.

  • Enter Ground Hunter and register an account.
  • Click the Telegram icon in order to join the community.
  • Fill in your personal information on Telegram. (Make sure to use the same E-mail address with the event page.)

Event 2: The Staking Giveaway

After you have successfully created an account click on the stake option. To be a successful participant for the Staking Giveaway you have to stake at least 1 NEO or 100 MIX in order to earn 100 GHT when the game release. Furthermore, if you stake 6 NEO or 600 MIX you will receive a random level-1 weapon in addition to your 100 GHT.

Claim Now Your GHT

Also, keep in mind that you can withdraw your staked tokens three days after the pre-sale is open or use them directly to purchase pre-sale packages.

Ground Hunter Giveaway by MixMarvel & NEO
Ground Hunter Giveaway 29

The GHT Token

Ground Hunter Token (GHT) is the token used for the game’s economy. Players can use it to upgrade weapons, purchase battle mode tickets, and stake them in order to earn passive income rewards from the daily reward pool.