NFL Rivals: A Play-to-Own NFT Game by NFL and Mythical Games

NFL Rivals - A Play-to-Own NFT Game by NFL and Mythical Games

Mythical Games and the National Football League will launch an NFT game, NFL Rivals, where users play as team managers. In this new game, all the 32 teams will be available to trade as NFTs. 

Unique blockchain tokens and leveling up with NFTs will be the primary focus of the game along with team building. The game will feature “arcade-style” 3D models, according to Billy Shautz, the Executive Producer at Mythical Games. 

Shautz said that there isn’t much shareable information about the game but what he did mention is that they have Ethereum-based token plans for the game. 

NFL Rivals is set to release next year – thanks to the game’s free-to-play mechanism, a started team will be given to every user when the game first launches. As we mentioned that the game is based on play-to-earn and play-to-own mechanisms, winning matches and completing objectives will win you digital assets – NFTs. 

Solo Player Mode

In NFL Rivals, there will be a Solo Player mode where players will play against existing NFT lineups. 

Non-Live PVP (Player vs. Player)

This player mode features matches against other players’ assembled and customized teams. 

In each game, the players can choose the football team of their choice hoping to win the game and win NFTs.

Back in November, 32 Equity contributed $150M in Mythical Games Series C round. This shows that the NFL has been interested in collaborating with Mythical Games for a while now, considering 32 Equity is NFL’s investment arm. 

We’re really bullish on the potential of blockchain technology to drive future fan engagement. We look at this as a real long-term opportunity,” said Joe Ruggiero, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products at NFL. 

He also added that the league is looking at this project as a long-term opportunity. Then he said that there is a lot of potential for NFTs in the video game industry.

Mythical Games is now worth $1.25 Billion. They have created their own EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) that NFL Rivals will leverage.