Nimses – Basic Income & Social Media

Nimses - Basic Income & Social Media
Nimses - Basic Income & Social Media

I was talking about cryptogalaxy on LIT Social Media when a follower shared Nimses with me. My first impression was excitement, 1 million downloads (a step closer to mass adoption) and 1 Coin per minute for the rest of your life.

Crypto and non-readers, today I present you Nimses, a GPS Based Ukranian cryptocurrency project for worldwide basic income with modern design and no effort

Nimses Template Preview

at all. You only have to register using your mobile phone number and after that, you are exploring a regular social media application based on temples. (Blocks on Maps, more like borders)

Main Features of Nimses

The application has many features built-in with many more to come at a later date. We are still waiting for the marketplace in order to spend our Nims and of course the ability to move Nims outside the application and exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

Nimses Passive Daily Income

You can accumulate up to 1.440 NIMS (App’s Currency) per day, that equals to 1 Token per minute. You live 43,830 minutes each month, meaning you get 43,830 Nims. It’s up to you to decide how to spend them. That’s all you need to do for Nimses in order to monetize your time spent on the application. Also, the millionaires in Nimses count their money in Infinim where 1 Infinim is 63 115 200 Nims.

Smile, spent & Earn Nims 

Nimses comes with photography functionality. Each time you share a photo you have to pay 50 Nims for real-time and 100 Nims for Gallery Photos. Users can like you and get 20 Nims as compensation for your awesome photo.

nimses account previewReal Humans Verification in Nimses

Once you install Nimses and start exploring the digital society you will notice that some functions are limited until you complete your profile (NO KYC) and 6 People verify you. Until then you are considered as a “user” and not a “human”. Limits are found in the amount of Nims spent a day.

Temples & Masters, a Different Approach

Nimses is using temples, geographical virtual borders whenever you are to keep people posts organized. My small town of 400.000 People has a couple of hundred templates. A landmark, for example, could be one template, so when you are in the area you won’t see posts unrelated to the landmark area. The one who has the most Nims and actively upload stories in a Temple is automatically the Temple Master. Earth in total has 1.044.345 Temples.

Nimses Marketplace

A feature yet to be implemented except for some major cities. Nimses Marketplace will be available to all verified humans. You will be able to sell products or services and set your price in Nims. Goods will be opened in all cities worldwide with Full Access.

Nimses Music

No comments here, I get a message that music is not available in my area. Thank God I don’t need nimses to listen to music right?

Final comments for Nimses Crypto Social Media

As the time goes by, more and more people will join Nimses, this project seems that it willnimses egamerio keep being developed for a long time as it has many potentials to attract millions of users. Their PR team is doing a good job with promotional video, stores accepting Nims in Ukraine (for now) and so on.

The amount you are getting is not huge, but being an early adopter we can guess that one day, one nim will worth much more than just one minute of your life.

At the time of writing this post Nims are not available in any exchange. I suggest you, to download the application and try it your self, minimal KYC is required and the community is overwhelming.


Check out this explanatory video by Nimses Team

Download Nimses

Get Nimses Today for your Android Smartphone or iPhone and explore a new world of basic income without hassle, without having to log in or anything else. Only live, live and get money for being a wonderful person, inside and outside of Nimses.

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Please use the code bim9bzg901 once you sign up, and you will earn 1440 extra Nims.

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